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  1. I realize this post is pretty old, but I wanted to add something here in the event someone else comes across this issue and is uncertain on how to address this. I work on the SharePoint Support team and my primary area of focus is Search. In the past few weeks, we have seen a few of these cases. While i realize that these Errors appear to point to bad GUIDs in the User Profile Service Application, this is not always the case. In our cases, our customers were not even using “User Profile Service Applications” and were not doing any People Crawls or crawling of MySites.

    What we discovered is that there is a Managed Property, called AccountName, and if it has mappings other than the default, People:AccountName, then this can cause this same error. One of our customers had a SharePoint based column called “AccountName” and it was picked up with a crawled Property of “ows_AccountName” and this crawled property was mapped to the “AccountName” managed property in the Search Schema. Because of this, we move into a different code path and call into this “SocialInfoExtractorProducer”..

    the best way to address this is to look at your Search Schema and see if someone added additional crawled properties to the “AccountName” managed property. The default one in there should be:


    if any others have been added and are not part of the People\Profile property set, i would say this is probably your Culprit and not a bad User Profile Service Application..

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