Reduce the WSS_logging SharePoint 2010

This post is going to provide a quick overview of the timer job “Diagnostic Data Provider :Trace log” which is being used rarely by users.   Background I recently came into a very interesting case where the wss_logging database has reached the 260 GB . By generating the report Disk Usage by Top Tables report…


Http Error 417 while trying to create a new external content type

I had the following error while trying to create a new External Content Type from SharePoint Designer. The interesting thing in here was that i had other external content types created on the same site collection but i was able to edit them without problems. After a lot of troubleshooting i found that /_vti_bin/bdcadminservice.svc is…


Unexpected Crash For SharePoint Timer Service

If you are getting the following error in the system logs The SharePoint Timer Service service terminated with service-specific error %%-2147467259. This means that there is job failing in your environment causing a crash to the SharePoint Timer Service.   1- Check in your registry keys if you have the following keysExclusiveUpgradeMode; ExclusiveUpgradeFailed; ExclusiveUpgradeSessionId 2-…


IRM Client Registry keys

I had very interesting case where the customer was unable to open his protected IRM documents and we are getting the following error in the ULS logs. SharePoint Foundation Information Rights Management 5042 Critical Information Rights Management (IRM): There is a protector for file type docx, but the protector failed to initialize. Information Rights Management…


matching zone on IISsettings

$webApps = Get-SPWebApplication $path = ‘C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config’ $xml = (Get-Content -Path $path) if($webApps -ne $null -and $xml -ne $null) { foreach($webApp in $webApps) { foreach($zone in $webApp.IisSettings.keys) { $node = $xml.SelectSingleNode(“/configuration/system.applicationHost/sites”) if($node -ne $null) { $site = $ | ?{$_.Id -eq $webApp.IisSettings[$zone].PreferredInstanceId} if($site -eq $null) { ‘IIS Site not found. Provisioning web app: {0}’ -f $webApp.DisplayName…


Text Filter Web part is not working SharePoint 2013

Problem Consider the following scenario  if you are using text filter web part connected to document library . you click the arrow to filter values in the document library t, the Web Part for the document library doesn’t filter the results on the page for the values as expected Solution 1- Edit the page 2- Edit the document library web part 3- on…


Cannot rename old site on restore

While restoring a site i got the following error “Cannot rename old site on restore”   Analysis There was an issue with the site content types and site columns which were causing an error in an internal SharePoint stored Procedure “RenameSite”.As during the execution of the stored Procedure “RenameSite” there was an if statement that…


ULS Viewer

If you are trying to troubleshoot using the SharePoint ULS Logs.  This is definitely the best tool to help you to analyse the ULS Logs. UlsViewer.exe