Logic Apps : Blob name is null or empty

Recently when working with Azure blob Storage Action :  Extract Archive to Folder I faced the error “Blob name is null or empty”. Host { “api”: { “runtimeUrl”: “https://logic-apis-westeurope.azure-apim.net/apim/azureblob” },     Method : post Path : /datasets/default/extractFolderV2 Queries: { “destination“: “/testoutput“, “source“: “/test/shashiwebsite_201506011619.zip” } Output Body : { “status”: 400, “message”: “Blob name is… Read more

BizTalk Receive Location crashes with the error “80131522”

When enabling BizTalk Receive location getting the error “Event Type:Error Event Source:BizTalk Server 2006 Event Category:BizTalk Server 2006 Event ID: 5644 Computer: xyz Description: TheMessaging Engine failed to add a receive location “rloc_abc” with URL“C:\Test\In\*.*” to the adapter “FILE”. Reason: “80131522” Taking a process dump from the procdump, in the cmd promptwe get the error… Read more