Service Bus Gateway service struck in starting State

When configuring Service Bus Farm either while creating a
new Farm or when joining a new farm, you might experience the below issue        

“Starting Service bus gateway on
machine <servername> failed: timeout has expired and the operation has
not been completed”


And when you check the services it’s in starting state.


The above issue can occur due the below reasons

If there is antivirus service running and it
blocking the ports used by Service bus. You can find out the default port
numbers at the time of configuration.

Check if the Service Bus ports are opened in the
inbound and outbound rules of Firewall settings. you can collect network traces
at the time of configuration to know if the ports were blocked or not. Or you
can use portQry
tool to check the port status.

If the port that you have configured to use is
already taken by another process. You can check the same using PortQry tool or
using netstat –ano cmd.

This issue is also noticed when you are running
ServiceBus1.1 with Framework 4.6. Recently there is an update released for
SB1.1 to work with .Net Framework 4.6. download and install the update
to resolve the issue.

Hope this helps!!