Overview of SharePoint Online Development Now Live

So, last week we published the SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center, to serve as a one-stop shop that pulls together all the resources a developer needs to get up to speed on developing for SharePoint Online. But what if, instead of the numerous in-depth resources we’ve included on the center, you want to get an overview of developer options for SharePoint Online in a single technical article?

Then have we got something for you:

SharePoint Online: An Overview for Developers

(And seriously, would I have asked the question if we didn’t have something ready for you?)

We’ll be rolling out detailed guidance for developing SharePoint Online solutions in the weeks and months ahead, but this article should enable you to familiarize yourself with the broad strokes of developing for SharePoint in the cloud. Use the article to learn about the developer features that are coming to SharePoint Online, strategies and patterns for successfully developing on SharePoint Online, and find links to additional resources for developers to deepen their knowledge of these extensibility features

I’d be very interested in what you think of the article, and what questions you have about developing for SharePoint Online after reading it and visiting the Resource Center. So please leave a rating and comment on the article, or leave a comment here about what kind of coverage you’d like to see around SharePoint Online development.

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