We want your ideas on migrating SharePoint solutions to apps for SharePoint

Have you heard? The new Reimagine SharePoint Development site is now live. This site contains articles, videos, and blog posts that focus on migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. We will be adding content to the site in the months ahead, so if there is something you would like to know more about, just let us…


Reimagine SharePoint Development

Join us May 20, 2013, for a webcast as we kick off a new site centered on migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. We will discuss the history of SharePoint customizations and where the SharePoint development platform is going. We will also highlight the benefits of the Cloud App Model and answer any questions on migrating…


Optimizing SharePoint 2013 websites for mobile devices

The mobile market is growing continuously, and in the near future, more mobile devices than desktop computers will be used to surf the web. To ensure a user-friendly experience, we must optimize Internet websites for presenting content across the different devices. SharePoint 2013 offers a number of options for optimizing public-facing websites for mobile devices….