Rounding up Office 365 developer content

Office 365 Developer Center main pageThis week, we completed the facelift of our entry point for Office 365 developer content on MSDN.

The Office 365 Developer Center pulls together the resources that partners and developers need to build solutions for Office 365.


The new articles and code samples on the Office 365 Developer Center complement the developer content that we’ve been publishing since last July on our site.

Getting started articles

Developing solutions with Office 365

Comparing the Office 365 online and on-premises development environments

Learning about the Office 365 Reporting web service

Code samples

Don’t miss the newest Office 365 code samples, designed to help you learn how to do the following common tasks:

  • Use the Office 365 Reporting web service
  • Integrate Windows Azure
  • Use Windows PowerShell in Office 365
  • Use best practices for authentication and authorization for on-premises and Office 365 services
  • Use best practices for enabling applications to use Office 365 services
  • Use best practices for error handling in Office 365 solutions
  • Integrate social media into Office 365


Written by Lola Jacobsen, Senior Content Project Manager of the Office 365 Developer Center

Comments (4)

  1. Ivan says:

    Getting started hyperlinks in your article do not work for me.

  2. Ricardo Loo says:

    Fixed. Thank you, Ivan

  3. Erika Ehrli says:

    Congrats! Nice to see the site is live!!!!!

  4. Nice to see all the code samples live !!! good work everyone…

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