Scenario pages for SharePoint 2013 on TechNet

Earlier this week, Samantha Robertson published a post about scenario pages in the SharePoint IT Pro Blog.

To make a long story short—scenario pages allow you to view key resources about a particular scenario. Resources are taken from many Microsoft web properties, including TechNet, MSDN, and

We realize that you might be interested in different aspects of a technology when conducting your research, and not just the admin or developer story. Scenario pages help bring together all the different aspects in one place.

The following scenario pages are now available:

o eDiscovery in SharePoint Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2013

o Personal sites (My Sites) in SharePoint Server 2013

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  1. I think the scenario pages are a great progression in how to find information that is applicable to real-world business scenarios. I would like to see more implementations of this. For example, a scenario that encompasses publishing and cross-site publishing for an extranet would be helpful. Another example that might be helpful is a scenario involving project management using SharePoint 2013. Although broadly defined, those scenarios could be fine tuned to encompass specific business and technical requirements.

    As far as the layout, I would recommend somehow incorporating a navigation mechanism that allows users to follow a specific technical or business thread through the entire life cycle. For example, Distributed Cache appears in several of the places on the Personal Sites scenario. Some kind of cohesive content around Distributed Cache as it applies to Personal Sites would be helpful. Often, the main navigation component is the starting point (Plan, Develop, Configure, etc…), but once I drill down into Plan, for example, and start thinking about Distributed Cache, I may want to follow it all the way through the life cycle as I explore the Distributed Cache topic and try to understand how to plan and implement it correctly.

    Overall, I think the concept is great.

  2. matthewjbailey1 says:

    When it first came out a couple months ago I loved it, but then I did not see any more scenarios show up. There are only 2 and they aren't used very much in the SharePoint world.

  3. Ricardo Loo says:

    There are four now. Go to the SharePoint 2013 TechCenter for IT Pros.…/fp142366

    You'll find the scenarios on the right side of the page.

  4. TNJMAN says:

    I am definitely interested in these other aspects of SharePoint. Thank you for this.

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