The new Office customer preview is here!

On July 16th 2012 Steve Ballmer unveiled the new, modern Office with exciting support for developers. In this release, Office aligns with Windows 8, offering the best tools and platform to help you build the applications and solutions that you have in mind. Read the full press release to find more details.

What about SharePoint? There is great news for people like you and me who develop solutions in SharePoint. First of all the Cloud App Model: the app model enables you to create self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. Visit the Apps for Office and SharePoint blog and the Apps for SharePoint documentation for more information. We also have the "Napa" Office 365 Development Tools, which you can use to build your apps using nothing more than a browser window. There is an improved developer story for mobile developers out there with support for notifications and maps, not to mention enhancements that we developers can use in Search, Social, ECM, BCS, Workflows, and the core platform. Check out what's new for developers in SharePoint 2013.

The following developer content is live and available to you to start exploring the new SharePoint:

Also check the Office developer blog and SharePoint IT Pro blog for more technical content.

We'll have more posts around developing for the new SharePoint. Stay tuned and provide your feedback!

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