Request for SharePoint code sample ideas (Frank Rice)

The Office Developer & Interop Documentation Group is currently defining the specifications for a project to provide 101 Code Samples for SharePoint. We are looking for your help with the types of code samples to include in the project. Please reply to this post with suggestions for code samples that would be helpful to you and other developers. Please provide enough detail to accurately describe each sample requested. The samples will be created in managed code (C# and VB.NET). The deadline for taking suggestions is 931. Thank you and we look forward to your valuable feedback.

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  1. Hi there,

    Some ideas for the 101 Code Samples project:

    – Site Definition sample.

    – Web Template sample.

    – List Definition sample

    – Content Type sample (either declarative or porgramatic creation).

    – Custom Field type sample: single column, multicolumn, cascade lookups, cross site lookups, etc.

    – Custom forms (Edit, Display and New) for lists / document libraries.

    – WebParts Connections (either Visual or not) sample.

    – WebParts Toolpart (either Visual or not) sample.

    – Custom authentication provider sample.

    – Timer Job sample.

    – Delegate Control sample.

    – Custom Ribbon Actions sample: download as a zip file the selected files (just a simple sample).

    – Custom Ribbon controls sample.

    – Custom Workflow Action for SharePoint Designer Workflows (either Sandbox or not).

    – Property Bugs use sample.

    – Event Receiver (Sync / Async) with redirections or cancellations sample.

    – Application Page with code behind sample.

    – Starter Master Page sample for Team Sites / Publishing Sites including the deployment to the site.

    – Custom Navigation sample (by means of a control), either for the vertical or horizontal menu.

    – Custom Service Application sample.

    – Custom SandBox Solution Validator sample.

    – Custom Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Development sample.

    – Custom controls for list/document libraries forms smaple.

    – Working with classic SharePoint Objects: SPSite, SPWeb, etc… sample.

    – InfoPath Forms with code behind (either sandbox or not) sample.

    – Use of the search engine sample.

    – Extension of the SharePoint 2010 rich text editor sample (new styles, new controls).

    My name is Juan Carlos González and I'm a Spanish SharePoint MVP (…you can contact me if you are thinking also in localized documentation for the Samples.


  2. I agree with the comments of Juan.

    Many of them i have it allready  and  many otherw that does not described. I have archieve them in my personal company sharepoint wiki.

    So if you want i can share all this Code samples.

    If you think i can help just let me know in my email.

  3. Bijay says:

    Here in my web site you can check for some object model codes. and also in

  4. Benjamin Athawes says:

    A few ideas:

    – Web templates using the publishing feature

    – Examples with unit tests (preferably with stubs/mocks)

    – Application pages using user controls

    – Calling full-trust proxy code from a sandboxed solution

    – A timer job

    – A service application with custom database


  5. Martin Bodocky says:

    My a few ideas:

    – Master page with Silverlight (Fundation/Server version)

    – Apply Branding with CSS(or combination custom CSS and Theme)

    – JQuery and SharePoint Web Service

    Best regards,

    Martin Bodocky

  6. Andy Brodie says:

    Some simple BCS examples would be very useful; ones which do nothing complex from a LOB application perspective, just a simple text/xml/csv filestore or something, but something that demonstrates the BCS infrastructure.

    This is a great idea, I look forward to seeing the results!

  7. Kyle says:

    A sample content type feature using managed metadata (Taxonomy – single and multi) fields that hooks to the managed meta data service in any farm you deploy it to. I had quite a time getting this to work to where it worked in any farm i deployed it to. Also, setting a default value for the fields in this same scenario. (Since the values are specific to the MM service because of the guid the service assigns to the values)

  8. Shawn Shell says:

    AJAX-enabled web part deployed as a part of a sandbox solution.  Based on what I've seen, there doesn't appear to be anyway to put an update panel within a web part because the ScriptManager isn't available to web parts on a UserCodePage, though clearly it should be possible as the ScriptManager is on the base SharePoint v4 master page.

  9. Guru Pratap Ketepalli says:


    As part of security and claims based security.

    1. Step by Step guide for configuring Claims authentication with Microsoft Federation Manager or third party Federation Managers.

    2. How to consume SAML token genererated by Federation Managers (MS or NON-MS products)

    3. How to Write custom people picker for claims authentication.

  10. Brandon says:

    A Server -> Client example depicting the mirroring of a document library to a client machine using a thin .NET desktop client would be helpful. This does not need to depict full synchronization, but a one-way push to the client machine would be sufficient.

    Thank you,


  11. Earlgarth says:

    Please provide sample code for modifying new lists or existing lists permissions. The challenge is that many document libraries are created which contain records which need to be accessed by specific employees and their direct managers. The name of the list contains the name of the employee. How can one identify this employee, assign access exclusive access to the list and then using AD, determine the employee's manager and grant them access as well.

    just a thought.

  12. Kyle Szklenski says:

    For the love of all that is good, please include a sample of how to implement an ISPDocumentParser. I'm wading through a lot of internet to try to figure this out, and it seems to be nearly impossible, and very poorly documented on the site. Thanks.

  13. Azael Nava says:

    -BI Sharepoint List with analityc chart sample.

    -BCS Sample

    -KPI With Sharepoint List

  14. Ramana says:


    I would like to have a code sample for export to Word and excel from sharepoint.

    In the sharepoint advanced training video for developers this functionlaity is already previewed and it would be nice to view the code for the same.



  15. Here's my two cents,

    – SharePoint search configuration step by step guide

    – Integrating 3rd party API's (google maps, twitter etc..)

    – Enable mobile sites for SharePoint

    – Branding SharePoint mobile sites

    I also think easy to understand SharePoint licensing guide will also help a lot for new developers/companies who are coming in to SharePoint world.


  16. Roy Gilboa says:

    I sure would like to see some more detailed examples of complex JSGrid solutions:

    Conditional Formatting for cells (not columns)

    Grouping example

    Exporting to Excel

    Printing the JSGrid content

    Saving bulk changes from JSGrid to custom database

    Gantt example (with links between tasks)

    Kind regards,


  17. Roy Gilboa says:

    I sure would like to see some more detailed examples of complex JSGrid solutions:

    Conditional Formatting for cells (not columns)

    Grouping example

    Exporting to Excel

    Printing the JSGrid content

    Saving bulk changes from JSGrid to custom database

    Gantt example (with links between tasks)

    Kind regards,


  18. Jeremiah says:

    I agree with most of Juan's samples.  But even more simple would be a good BCS example, something with Chart Webpart or Excel Services to show the BI side off a little more.  Maybe a quick chart tied to a list?

  19. PeppeDotNet says:

    Powershell scripting samples could ne usefull.. and specially some sample using client object model.

  20. Some ideas for the code samples

    – Custom service applications

    – BCS solutions including server side caching

    – Custom Claims provider

    – Custom Content Jobs

    -Balaje Sankar

  21. Prageeth Sandakalum says:

    Please work more on integration, Connecting Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer would be really helpful.

    Also how to work with general interoperability techniques… Connecting to  SOAP, REST, JSON would also be great…


  22. Richard says:

    Why can't Microsoft get an employee to publish simple server side code, and client side API examples? I'm going nuts trying to find something to work with!

    I would be happy to contribute if I COULD GET STARTED!

  23. W0ut says:

    A complete working sample of a External Content Type based upon your own .NET assembly with filters etc…

  24. Trevor says:

    Basic examples of common things we do with each service application.  How to create a new service app of each type, how to connect to and view/edit properties, how to do some common tasks with each.

    Add some more code samples using Publishing namespace and capabilities – we do a lot of heavily publishing-leaning sites and find we need to dig hard for these types of code examples frequently.

  25. Nats Venkataraman says:

    -automated unit testing of custom SharePoint app. – sample

    – external content type and infopath

  26. Chris Maddi says:

    Our company likes to print.  we got this request:  "How do I print all the items in a list"?  We're currently using the popular Javascript hack to print one list item.  How would I programatically print everything?

  27. Are you planning to integrate this with All-in-one-code Framework (

  28. Jane says:

    Code Samples I think useful are:

    * Master page code, so we can change where to put company logo…

    * View/Report creating code, so  we have more options to customized views/reports.

  29. mmyers7 says:

    Knowlegebase webpart (not 2007 one upgraded)

    Fab 40 – (not 2007 upgraded ones – new on 2010).

    Status Report or Timesheet webpart – maybe link to Project Tasks or extend it.

    Color coded Calendar with ability to add Icons/pics for Holidays.

    Color color coded or conditional formatted tasks/alerts.

    Surveys – more examples and Better Survey Report webpart.

    HR webpart – orientation, new employee list, class organizer, etc.

    Goalkeeper – organization of goals/tasks to accomplish goals.

    Team Foundation webpart – whats been deployed?

    Change Management, config management, and/or Bug Tracking webpart.

    Classroom or student organizer webpart/app (not old one, better one)

    Office Communicator webpart or Skype Webpart

    BDC/BCS built in connector to each and all Microsoft apps.

    SCOM Dashboard webpart/connector

    CRM 2011 Dashboard webpart/connector

    SCCM hierarchy/Search webpart/connector

    SL8 Dashboard/webpart/connector

    SharePoint Broken Links/Error webpart or sandbox app/report –  PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE

    Fax webpart/connector to send docs to a fax or internet fax.

    Fax reporting – manage incoming/outgoing faxes.  

    SharePoint reporting or performance dashboard for admins/dba's.

    SQL Data Collection webpart – send the SQL datacollections information to webpart.

    Picture Rotator webpart.


  30. Peter Mendez says:


    -It would be great to have a web part example that includes changing the settings of the web part to include custom parameters.

    -use the model dialog, but open the page layout instead of the properties page for publishing content.

  31. Brian says:

    SharePoint CMIS provider examples, especially with REST bindings!

  32. Surendra says:

    Hi find bellow,

    Page layout and custom master page samples for SPS2010

    Web Part connection(visual studio)

    custom workflows (visual studio and SPDesigner2010)

    Event Receiver (Sync / Async) with redirection

    Custom Service Application sample.

    Custom Sand Box Solution Valida tor sample.

    Custom Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Development sample.

    Custom controls for list/document libraries forms sample.

  33. David says:

    Looking for more/better examples for putting prettier front end forms on Sharepoint back end lists…

  34. David says:

    How about examples for coding migrations, like pulling document libraries and lists from Sharepoint 3 to Sharepoint 2010 sites?

  35. Cliff Thomas says:

    Deployment of Branded Site / Template and Resources

  36. Chris Thach says:

    Bulk upload of images/files with additional required fields for every file.  (User will specify the additional required fields once, then they are applied to every file uploaded.)

  37. Mark Jones says:

    A couple of routine tasks I'd like to see included:

    – auto archive a document

    – automatic tagging of content

  38. My request for samples is listed below.

    1. InfoPath that share the XML Schema and List Definition

    2. VS 2010 Site migration from development to production


  39. My a few ideas,

    – Event / Course Registration

    – Cross list / lib queries

    – Public holiday import


    K.Mohamed Faizal

  40. My a few ideas,

    – Event / Course Registration

    – Cross list / lib queries

    – Public holiday import


    K.Mohamed Faizal

  41. Mohamed Fahmy says:


    I know most of SP 2010 features and technologies and need a SharePoint 2010 Project(from first step to Deployment)that apply these technologies.


  42. Ed Ferrero says:

    I would like to be able to print a multi-page Excel services web part from SharePoint.

  43. Mario Angioletti says:

    I'd appreciate some silverlight examples 🙂

  44. Klaudiya says:

    Please provide an example of connection SharePoint Web Part to SAP using .NET SAPConnector for 64bit SharePoint server. The goal is o retrieve some information from SAP.  

  45. Alan Bell says:

    I would like to see an example of interaction with the Notify and Status functions. I am writing web parts using C# but need to provide feedback to the user; it would be nice to be able to do that using these two features.

  46. Sathish says:

    I would like to see Custom Sign In page and Search Center Customization page samples.

  47. Fedor Shihantsov says:

    Sandboxed solution: Custom silverlight webpart for editing a list item.

    Sandboxed solution: Adding a custom button to a custom WebPart's Ribbon.

    Authentication from a standalone application and usage of the sharepoint client object model.

  48. Mostafa says:

    samples in C#:

    – packaging and deploying sandbox solutions.

    – packaging and deploying workflows

    – manage & package site feature dependencies in sharepoint 2010.

    – Configure package designer in SharePoint 2010 projects.

    – Configure Feature designer in SharePoint 2010 projects.

    – Develop Timer Jobs in SharePoint 2010.

    – Develop Custom Ribbons in SharePoint 2010.

    – Deploy Application pages in sharepoint 2010.

    – Develop Visio Services Solutions in SPD 2010.

    – Develop Visio Services Solutions using Visio 2010.

    – Develop KPIs in PPS Designer 2010.

    – Develop Scorecards in PPS Designer 2010.

    – Develop Custom Reports in PPS 2010.

    – Deploy Dashboards to SharePoint 2010 in VS 2010.

    – Develop Twitter WebPart that pulls live tweets.

    – Develop Application pages with ribbon controls.

    And i'm open for any other suggestions.



  49. HCM says:

    I think it's quite interesting to have some code examples regarding integration with third party products:

    – SAP

    – WSRP webpart and portlets

    – Jquery integration samples

    – HTML 5 and SharePoint examples


    Kind Regards.

  50. Steve Rose says:

    I'm not a coder, so my vocabulary may be off here, but I'm looking for some code that would allow me to create a Single-Sign On link to our hosted LMS from a SharePoint 2010 site.  Our vendor said that I can use SAML and gave me a large manual, but I'm at a complete loss.

    Care to help out a newb?

  51. Leave request says:

    Leave request workflow with an infoPath form

  52. James says:

    Custom Navigation sample.   Such navigation should be able to span multiple Site Collections and web applications to provide an enterprise level navigation control.   Ideally configurable by sharepoint metadata some portion should be able to be drive by user interest as well

  53. The new InifoPath form viewer web part has lots of potential to reduce the navigational drag imposed when IP web forms open in their own window.

    However information regarding methods to interact with this new web part via code are lacking.  So is an understanding of the object model and methods that are exposed for customizing this interaction.

    1.  How does a user create a web part where they can specify to a Form Web Part what form and what view in the form will open from a given form library?

    How does one create a Submit method in the IP form that will submit back relative to the form library it is displayed from?  We can "hard code" this data connection  using the data connection wizard, but if this form web part is embedded in for example a site template, there is no good way to retrieve the URL from which the form is opened from.  this is because the URL always references the InfoPath forms server rather than the form library from which the form was opened.  How do we determine or pull what form library the form has been opened from when it appears in a form library web part?



  54. Tony Clark says:

    I am needing coding that will embed a visitor counter on our page.

  55. Tom says:

    Hi Frank,

    I'm a beginner sharepoint 2010 developer, Can you please send some code samples and how to links to my email.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards,


  56. Dominick Cosgrove says:

    Would be good to get an example of writing applications (Console, WPF etc.) that can connect to SharePoint Office 365. Esp. on how credentials are passed. For example if you wanted to synchronise on premise system with SharePoint Office 365.

  57. Antonache Radu says:

    I want to know if I can build an online shop, using SharePoint

  58. Acornsoft says:

    Look at the FAB40 templates and upgrade them to work and use SharePoint 2010 features.  These are well known and customers have used and experienced their worth.

  59. How to find out Number of times a post has been viewed in SharePoint Discussion Board in WSS 3.0 says:

    How to find out Number of times a post has been viewed in SharePoint Discussion Board in WSS 3.0

  60. Michael Sanchez says:

    Wish List:

    – Deployment of specific pieces (files, .xap, forms, workflows) from VS 2010.

    – InfoPath form as content type from VS 2010.

    – Silverlight Authentication (Claims)

    – User Pages from Visual Studio 2010.

    – Site administration task from code in VS 2010.

    — create a site, add an admin, permissions.

    – Session Management in VS 2010. How to?

    – Site customization: tabs, modification to the default layout from VS 2010.

    – Site Definition: creation from VS 2010 with custom pages and more functionality.

    – Web part communication : between web parts.Include silverlight.

  61. George Thomas says:

    We want to customize the existing sharepoint tree view control to concatenate columns (folder ID and name) to show. We developed a custom tree view control to do so but when we use it the performance of the site becomes very slow. When we take it off the performance is fine.

    Following are the columns on our document library:

    1. IndexID

    2. Type

    3. Name

    4. Version

    5. Location of Original

    6. Created By

    7. Created

    8. Modified By

    9. Modified

    Out of this 9 columns we need to concatenate column (IndexID + Name) to show on the tree in a sorted form.

    Is there any way without compromising on the performance this can be done.


    George Thomas

  62. Martin Tomkins says:

    Examples of Databinding data controls such as a repeater to custom lists using the SPDataSource control would be really useful. Currently having a nightmare trying to find anything that actually works!!!

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