SharePoint Developer Documentation Feed Reader App for the Windows Phone (Jim Crowley)

splash_with_white_background_480x800If you own a Windows Phone and would like to have easy mobile access to the latest resources for SharePoint developers, take a look at the SharePoint Developer Documentation Feed Reader app for the Windows Phone. This free app delivers the contents of the SharePoint Developer Center RSS Feed to your phone and enables you to share and save any resource that you find in the feed.

Florence Chapman created the app’s iconography and tiles, including the splash screen at left.

The app provides four ways to share and store the contents of the SharePoint Developer RSS feed:

  • Tweet a link
  • Share a link by posting it to Facebook
  • Email a link
  • Store a resource in the app’s Favorites list

The app also contains a simple video player for viewing SharePoint how-to videos. You can find the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace by following this link (either on a Windows Phone browser or on a Windows computer on which the Zune software has been installed):


Comments (2)

  1. Soni says:

    Neat! downloaded it and checking it out. Are there similar apps for WCF, SL and others?

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