Just Published: June 15- 30 | 2010 SharePoint Dev Content (Beck Andros)

For your holiday weekend reading, the SharePoint 2010 SDK has been updated with new documentation and code samples, in addition to the usual addition of whitepapers, technical articles, and developer centers updates.

Have a safe and happy Canada Day or Independence Day holiday.



Published on MSDN – June 15-30, 2011
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Content

SharePoint SDK and Developer Guide content

July 2011 refresh for SharePoint SP1 (online)! SharePoint 2010 SDK

And also see: Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (white paper)


Technical articles


Opening a SharePoint 2010 Modal Dialog Box from an InfoPath Form
  Provided by: Vivek Soni | Review coordinator: Don Lundman | Editor: Tonda Kiffin

Working with Search Alerts in SharePoint 2010
  Provided by James Fort | Review coordinator: Jo-Anne Stamerjohn | Editor: Beck Andros


Developer and Resource centers


Added SharePoint Developer Center content:

Editor: Kimberly Hope | Site manager: Verna Appel DeLuna


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  1. c1sbc says:

    Also updates for the SharePoint Workspace 2010 SDK development –

    Updated #SharePoint Workspace #SP2010 SDK DOCS – http://bit.ly/mpc1jF

    SP1 updated #SharePoint Workspace #SP2010 SDK download – http://bit.ly/muOUxo

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