Just Published: Apr 16-29 | 2010 SharePoint Dev Content (Beck Andros)

This time, here’s some post-weekend reading about SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2010.

SDK and Developer Guide Content

· April 2011 refresh! SharePoint 2010 Reference: Software Development Kit

· Now available online in MSDN Library! SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide


Technical Articles

· Introduction to SharePoint  2010 Development
Provided by: Ted Pattison | Review coordinator: Ricky Kirkham | Editor: Tonda Kiffin

· Remote Authentication in SharePoint Online Using Claims-Based Authentication | Code Sample
Provided by: Robert Bogue | Review coordinator: Andrew May | Editor: Beck Andros

· Retrieving Data from a Multi-Authentication Site Using the Client Object Model and Web Services in SharePoint 2010
Provided by: Steve Peschka | Editor: Kimberly Hope

· Routing a Record to a SharePoint 2010 Document Library Subfolder
Provided by: Spencer Harbar | Editor: Kimberly Hope


Visual How To Articles

· Processing Documents in Bulk Using SharePoint 2010 and Open XML 2.0 | Code Sample | Video
Provided by: Bob McClellan | Editors: Beck Andros, Barry Garvue

· Using the Excel Services REST API to Access Excel Data in SharePoint Server 2010 | Video
Provided by: Steve Hansen | Editor: Todd Mackey

Book Excerpts

· Professional SharePoint 2010 Development

· Chapter 6: Search

· Chapter 11: Business Connectivity Services

Provided by: Wrox Press | Acquisition coordinator: Siew Moi Khor


Developer Centers

· New! Social Computing Resource Center | SharePoint 2010
Provided by: Jim Crowley | Editor: Kimberly Hope | Site manager: Verna Appel DeLuna

· Added SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center content:

o Added in Getting Started and Learning Resources sections: Office 365 Developer Training Kit, online and download links

Editor: Kimberly Hope | Site manager: Verna Appel DeLuna

· Added SharePoint Developer Center home page content:

o Updated "Focus On" section to add two links: Join the Office 365 Beta and Office 365 Developer Training Kit

Editor: Kimberly Hope | Site manager: Verna Appel DeLuna

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