Announcing SharePoint Stack Exchange

For the SharePoint enthusiasts that like stackoverflow, there is now a SharePoint specific site called SharePoint Stack Exchange. It has been available for a week now, so join the questioners here to vote up, leave comments, vote down, edit wiki posts, or accept answers.



Comments (4)

  1. Great shoutout! says:

    Great to see you pitching SharePoint Overflow. It's by far the best question and answer site.

    Everyone: head on over there and ask your questions and answer the ones you know!

  2. while we're shouting out community sites says:

    Loving SharePoint Overflow so far.

    As another suggestion, a site that I co-founded running on SharePoint 2010 is the Developer channel over at We are always interested in authors to contribute to this site if you want to cross post from your existing blog or don't have one and want a home for your articles.…/default.aspx

    Jeremy Thake (SharePoint MVP)

  3. arangas says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Alex Angas (SharePoint Stack Exchange Moderator)

  4. Just found this. Nice to see the recognition. Long time fan of Stack Overflow. Just started contributing to SharePoint Stack Exchange.

    FYI – The RSS feeds are not prominently displayed. Find them here:

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