New Technical Article on SharePoint Architecture (Ricky Kirkham)

MSDN has published a long technical article of mine on SharePoint Architecture.  I should actually say “architectures” because, as I point out in the article, SharePoint has a lot more than one architecture.  I cannot claim that it will tell you everything that you need to know about SharePoint’s plumbing, but it will tell you a lot.

It has 15,000 words and 11 diagrams on the following subjects:

  • What Is SharePoint?
  • SharePoint Development Platform Stack
  • SharePoint as an ASP.NET-IIS Application
  • SharePoint Configuration Stack
  • SharePoint Deployment Models
  • Process and Execution Trust Model
  • Pages, Parsing, and Safe Mode
  • Data Model, Data Management, and Query System
  • Services and the Service Application Framework
  • Site Definitions and Web Templates
  • SharePoint Security
  • Server Object Model in SharePoint
  • Client Object Models in SharePoint
  • Workflows in SharePoint

Here’s the link:

SharePoint 2010 Architectures Overview

Comments (2)

  1. TK says:

    A printable pdf / word version would be useful.

  2. Paula Thornton says:

    Interesting — all sorts of data, and yet not much information on serious issues with the architecture, like separate 'sites' for separate actions — seemingly based on the flawed assumption that individuals would not be doing similar functions simultaneously.

    Specifically, why is a blog (a format) a site and not a web part — to be put anywhere?

    I would have hoped by 2010 SharePoint would have addressed a fundamental issue like this so that it might truly operate like the portal platform that it proports to be.

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