How to create a Quick Step and Custom Action to start SharePoint 2013 workflow

Hi, this is JongHwa Lim from the SharePoint Design team. Today, I will share with you a feature for creating a Ribbon button on a SharePoint server UI. This button will start a SharePoint 2013 workflow when pressed. As a matter of fact, you can achieve this by two different features which actually share many…


Using SharePoint Designer 2013 to Create and Modify Project Workflows

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Chung, and I am a Program Manager for SharePoint Designer.  I’d like to introduce everyone to a great new feature we’ve introduced in SharePoint Designer 2013.  For those of you who work with Project Server Workflows, you’ll be aware that ALL previous versions of Project Server workflows were only…


How to use SharePoint Designer 2013’s Visual Designer to Move Workflows Between Sites

Hello all, My name is Sam Chung, and I’m a PM here at SharePoint Designer.  In this blog we’re going to talk about a great new scenario we’ve fully enabled now with the Import/Export feature found in the Visual Designer. Introduction: For many developers, there comes a special time in their lives when a strong…


How to manipulate the Task Form with SharePoint Designer for new task actions?

  Hello SharePoint Designer users, I’m Chong Youn (John) Choe, a PM in the SharePoint Designer team. It makes me very happy to post an article on a new issue.   Background Approval is one of the key applications of workflow. A couple of actions are provided in SharePoint Designer 2013 to receive participant’s response….