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Today we are excited to share with you some news about SharePoint Designer 2007. Starting now (April 2, 2009), SharePoint Designer 2007 will be available as a free download! We want more of you customizing SharePoint and feel that this a good way to put the tool in the hands of more people. You can find a lot more information in our site including:

a)      Letter to our Customers

b)      Frequently Asked Questions

c)       Free Download


Also, make sure to watch this video where Tom Rizzo and J.R. Arredondo discuss these changes and provide some insights into what is coming in the future (pick the appropriate version for your bandwidth).

·         Small size video (6MB)

·         Medium size video (17 MB)

·         Large size video (83 MB)




The SharePoint Designer Team

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  1. Dave says:

    Great news! How will latter versions of SPD differ from this version?

  2. Josh Booker says:

    This is a great move!

    Is the download a VL version which will run in a terminal services session?

    Hope so.



  3. The second annual SharePoint Best Practices conference is being held in London this year, following the

  4. Tom Resing says:

    I posted some bullets I consider Highlights of Tom Rizzo’s video, if you can’t watch the full thing:

  5. SharePoint Designer 2007 For FREE ! Yes boys and girls, you’ve heard me – the Microsoft SharePoint Team

  6. John Dangerbrooks says:

    So, it’s not an April Fools Day joke after all, is it?

    Now, one question: I have a Sharepoint 2007 disc I purchased earlier. Is that mean I can give it to my friends and let them install it on their computers and laptops?

  7. Per says:

    How do I convert the installed trial version I have to the free version? Or do I just start all over?

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