Visio diagram and site template from Office Online workflow videos

Hello all, Stephen here again. Awhile back I recorded a series of workflow videos that were posted on Office Online:

Watch this: Design a document review workflow solution

Many of you have submitted comments asking if I could make available both the Visio diagram shown in the videos and the solution itself.

I’m happy to oblige (and apologies for the delay), so please find attached to this blog post a .zip file containing the site template (.stp file) and Visio diagram (.vsd file).

A few notes:

  • The solution uses the Document Center site template found in SharePoint Server 2007 (not Windows SharePoint Services), so it must be deployed to a SharePoint Server environment.

  • The site template includes WorkflowDashboard.aspx, but the Data View on that page must be re-created by following the steps in the Part 12 video and the Part 13 video.

  • The URLs used in the e-mail messages in the workflows must be updated to reflect the path of the new site, as mentioned in the Part 14 video.

Hope you find this helpful.

Workflow diagram

Diagram and Solution from Document Review

Comments (58)

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  2. Debbie says:

    After uploading the .stp file to the site template, when I try to create a site using the custom template, the following error message is displayed "The template you have chosen is invalid or cannot be found".  Using MOSS 2007.

  3. Jay Lee says:


    I would like to assign tasks to a group instead of an individual What would be the best way to do this?

    For example:  I would like to assign a document review task to "Initial Reviewers" instead of "Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2" and get comments or response from each person in that group.  

    Hope this make sense.


  4. Manuel says:

    I just want to clarify the statement about the Document Center site template.  This template can only be used with sharepoint server 2007 or can I use it with WSS 3.0 by uploading the template.

  5. SanAnto says:

    I just want to clarify that the Document Center site template is to be used by sharepoint server 2007.  I want to use it with WSS 3.0.  But, I want to make sure it usable with WSS 3.0.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Tried deploying this template and got error message:


    The template you have chosen is invalid or cannot be found.

    Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

    This was done by uploading the stp to the site collection site template gallery and choosing new site -> custom -> Solution from Document Review Videos.

    Anyone else had this problem?

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  8. Stan says:

    Great project example. Is there any way to download the videos and this example to use offline? Also, where to I find the Visio status icons used for conditional formatting?

  9. David Moore says:

    Just finished an article about displaying these kinds of Visio diagrams in a SharePoint site – all using standard features, but pretty neat stuff…


  10. Stan says:

    I am trying to get in touch via email with Stephen Howard who posted a Workflow document review examples. I have a question regarding tasks which are locking up stating it is being locked by another workflow so it does not let me complete a task. Can someone help me get in touch with Stephen who was very helpful.

  11. Stephen says:

    Hello Stan,

    Installing the latest cumulative updates should fix these issues where tasks are "locked for editing."

    This post on the main SharePoint blog has good info and links to the updates:

    Hope this helps.


  12. Melissa says:


    GREAT SOLUTION!  In part 4, you reference Pausing the workflow before kicking off the secondary workflow; however, you never specify how to do it in the workflow step.  Is this by design (to make us think -smile), or an oversight?

  13. Stephen says:


    When you use a task action (Collect Data from a User, Assign a Form to a Group, Assign a To-Do Item), the workflow automatically pauses until that task is marked complete. So you don’t need to explicitly make the workflow pause.

    You can check out this article for more info:


  14. Alex says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Did you end up providing a resolution for Debbie who said "After uploading the .stp file to the site template, when I try to create a site using the custom template, the following error message is displayed "The template you have chosen is invalid or cannot be found".  Using MOSS 2007."

    I’m getting the same problem.

    Thanks in advance,


  15. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for putting this demo together.  It was great to use SharePoint Designer to create the Dataview and Dashboard page.

    Question:  Where in the workflow do you recommend writing the Dashboard URL variable to the document library?


  16. Adam says:

    Hi Stephen, great information.  I am trying to follow the same exact steps you did in creating a Dashboard of my own but every time I choose OK to the ‘Filter Criteria’ screen after specifying the parameter to use, the Filter disappears for some reason.  Any idea why this is?  Thanks…


  17. devendramore says:


    Its funny. I have created almost similar business worrkflow using SharePoint Designer. Only difference is it has several approvers and the workflow does back and forward, based on approval/ rejection. I would like to share the add-on features to my workflow:

    1. Workflow History: Capturing the history of the entire process is easy. You can used the " Create a new Item" action in SPD to capture all the require metadata and create a new record in a new list, say Workflow History List.  Cool Tip: Using webpart connections, connect the Dashboard to the Workflow History List, so that clicking on a particular workflow instance directly takes you to the Workflow History for that particular instance/doc.

    2.  A pictorial dashboard: Using Conditional Formating, you could display signs/symbols, which would make the dashboard more informative.  Managers love this kinda thingy 🙂

    I will save the details for my blog.  Thanks


  18. Ramesh says:

    Excellent Tutorial. Stephen.

    But I could not move any further as I’m missing [Workflow Item ID] fields when associated workflow to Tasks list. Am I still missing something.  I’m using MOSS 2007. Can you please help?

  19. Kev says:

    HI. This tutorial has been so handy, but I have a issue with how the flow works. I am running it as a 3 stage approval flow, and have duplicated the initial review stages to acheive this. The collect data tasks work fine for the first group of reviewers, but once the flow moves to the next stage of reviewers the collect data from user function does not create the same feedback form. Theer is no submit task icon etc, and instead it just displays all the fields of the tasks list.

    I have checked and the included fields/show&hide options are identical to the first batch of reviewers items.

    Its almost as if the workflow is not sending the collect data from users request in the same way.

    Can anyone help please?


  20. Tracey Morgan says:

    Everytime I try watching the 2nd and 3rd videos its not playing.  Is something going on with the server today?

  21. jtweetybird says:

    When I add the step Calculate reminder date and pause. Instead of sending out an email that says "Initial Input has been assigned to you" it sends out "Initial Input has been changed"  I want the assigned group users to get 1 email informing them of the task assignment.  The date change should not be of their concern.  Thanks for any help you have.

  22. Linda Elleker says:

    I am new to sharepoint templates.  I have saved the zip file and would like to upload the template but have been unable to make this work.  Can anyone help?

  23. Oleg says:

    Hi, Stephen.

    I have a little problem with workflow, I made a copy of your solution and modify it. The problem is that the task created by a workflow ara starting with "Not started" status. Not all of the tasks, not always, and not the same. It could be all of tasks and could be only one. Main problem is that the task created with "Not started" status are not able to be completed. Do you have any idea of this?

  24. I would like to commend you on such a big effort. This is by far the best hands-on tutorial I ever experienced.

    Is it possible to have multiple reviewers for Reviewer1, 2, and 3. Can I assign a group instead of one peson.

    Best Regards

  25. Michael says:


    on the review work, that mirrors your example, i keep finding that either 1, 2, or 3 initial Review displays an error when I try to complete the task.

    I delete the assign review tasks step, and it comes back.


  26. Ron says:

    Hi Stephen ,I am trying to Create Workflow for Approval i have Created Primarary Workflow and I have Secondary workflow to manage task.

    but i edit task i am getting error like "This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited".it works fine if i dont attach workflow to task list.

    any workaround on this


  27. Laura McGlinchey says:

    Stephen, this workflow is amazing.  I was able to recreate everything until the final email is sent notifying the participants of the final outcome.  The email is received like this and I have no idea how to fix it.  Every other email looks great.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all of your hard work and your willingness to share with others.


    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

    MIME-Version: 1.0

    X-Mailer: Windows SharePoint Services (version 3)

    <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%" dir="ltr" cellspacing="0"><tr

    style="background-color: #f8f8f9; border: thin #e8eaec solid"><td style="font-family:

    Verdana; font-size: 16pt; background-color: #f8f8f9; border: thin #e8eaec

    solid; padding: 20px 20p

  28. Fougere Robertson says:

    This has been incredibly useful. Thank you so much!

  29. Jim says:

    Thanks Stephen, hit a glitch at step 8 using the html for the messsage body.  I no longer have available under "Current Item" a choice for "Worklow Item Id".  I am thinking that i missed a variable step but cant figure out what it is.  

    So when i go into the message body to add the lookups then choose "Product Documentation" and " Name" then  "Current Item" it has a list that starts with "Check in Comment" and ends with to "Virus Status"

    I know i am doing something wrong.  Any ideas

  30. Stephen says:

    Re. the message "This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited."

    Several people have reported running into this issue when a newly triggered secondary workflow tries to update a task item that was just created by the primary workflow.

    The workaround is to put a Pause action with a brief duration at the beginning of the secondary workflow before the workflow attempts to update the task item. This should allow sufficient time for any lock on the task to be released before the secondary workflow edits the item.


  31. GEC says:

    Hello Stephen,

    For a few months now, a couple of people here were seeking a clarification as to WSS.  Can you please clarify if this solution can or cannot be deployed to WSS v3?  If so, where get we get the Document Center template for WSS v3?

    Thanks in advanbce!


  32. Dean Wolson says:

    Can you tell me where i can download these videos to make them available to a customer who has band width issues?

  33. Kevin J Poulton MBA says:

    Would this solution work in a Sharepoint Server 2010 Set-up.

  34. Darren Jones says:

    Please can someone clarify if this will work with WSS v3?

  35. Mike Smith says:

    The page with the videos is gone!  Has it been moved?  

    There were here,, and the Google cache has a copy of the page from just last week.

  36. Darren Jones says:

    In Part 9, when building the Message Body i am missing the Workflow Item ID, has anyone come across this and know a solution?

  37. William Long says:

    I used the ‘Design a Document Review Workflow’ as the basis for a workflow I’m building for my company, but there’s still an issue.

    I’m trying to update  an internal comment and an external comment field in a document review list that has 8 reviewers, every one of which needs to comment on the list. I’m using a collect data task for each reviewer with a separate internal comment and external comment for each reviewer (e.g. 1 Internal Comment, 1 External Comment, 2 Internal comment, 2 External Comment, …) .

    Then when the task is completed in the secondary workflow task, I’m trying to get the comment for each reviewer by building a dynamic string ([%Task:1 Internal Comment%] [%Task:2 Internal Comment%] [%Task:1 External Comment%] [%Task:2 External Comment%] …) in the primary workflow .

    The first internal and external comments get updated to the list. The other comments are all output as ?????. I need to know how to capture all the comments so we can use them as an audit trail even after the workflow tasks are cleared in 60 days.

  38. Evan says:

    "This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited."

    I have tried the pause with different durations without success. The template you provide doesn’t work.

  39. Jay says:

    Great job Stephen!! This is an amazing Tutor and really saved lots of time in learning!!!



  40. Roberto S. says:

    Great stuf !!!



  41. izdelava spletnih strani says:

    Cool, i was waiting for SP 2010, cos i just recently replaced my 10 yrs old Homesite with Sharepoint 2007 and must say that i’m so enthusiastic. It’s true that Homesite couldn’t compet with SP 2010, but i also tried Aptana, Dreamviewer and i wasn’t impressed, while SP 2007 is really doing a good job for me.

    But i have a problem while working with PHP files cos the code is all the same colors, which is really so difficult to work with. I hope 2010 will change that.

  42. WesLo says:

    The videos are great! They really teach alot! Thanks!

  43. Jeff says:

    is there a link to the sample HTML for the e-mail, the one on the video page does not work.


  44. Kunej says:

    Darren i have the same question but haven't found the answer yet

  45. San says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Part 8 and Part 14 videos are not working..can you please update the same

  46. Craig Wilson says:

    Gr8 info..!! Now I've started working on Visio 2010..I've also gone through Visio Toolbox site..has good collection of visio templates, add ins and dashboards. Thanks again.

  47. shannond1 says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks so much for all your efforts! I too cannot open video 8.  Any chance of reconnecting it? Thanks!

  48. Haloway13 says:

    Great example.

    Can you fix video links for 8 and 14?



  49. Haloway13 says:

    Great example.

    Can you fix video links for 8 and 14?



  50. Paul says:

    Great example videos and Viso diagram, I've been following them through in Sharepoint Designer 2010 and find subtle differences, have you done a similar series of videos for 2010.

    Thanks Paul

  51. Hey,

    first up amazing tutorial thank you very much!

    Secondly, I was wondering if you could make the videos themselfes available for download?

    Thanks in advance


  52. Lucas says:

    Great example.

    Can you fix video links for 8 and 14?



  53. Bharat says:

    Is there a way to download these videos? Streaming is not an option for me due to the slowness of the network.  Please let me know where I can find them so I'm able to watch the videos without disruption.


  54. Jodie says:

    Hi – this is fantastic and i'm working through the videos but part 8 is broken – sob! Can someone fix it?

  55. Stacey says:

    Have you made this into a solution for SharePoint 2010?

  56. "The Document Center is not available in WSS 3.0, but you can enable several of the features provided by the Document Center in MOSS 2007, in WSS 3.0."…/document-center-site-template-wss-3.htm

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