Increasing Your Odds Of Getting Your Question Answered

Lakeshas Hi there, Lakesha Smith here with some tips to help you get answers to your questions.

SharePoint Designer has quite a few online resources that provide you with ways of getting answers to questions, solutions to problems and to share community expertise. While there exist multiple resources which deliver on this (community forums, newsgroups, chat service, ReachOut and KB articles), blogging is a great and easy way of accessing information. For this post I’d like to focus on helping you increase your odds of getting your question answered via a blog.

For more information on SharePoint resources visit: SharePoint Community Portal, SharePointPedia and the SharePoint Designer 2007 homepage on Microsoft Office Online.

If you want to ensure your question will be answered, make sure you select the right blog for your content. For instance, SPD has two useful blogs: SharePoint Designer Support blog and SharePoint Designer Team blog. While they both focus heavily on providing information to customers the purpose of the content is much different.

The SPD Support blog is an extension of its work, in that the content is made up of high visibility, high impact issues with the product. The Support team attempts to find and provide workarounds whenever possible. If you or someone you know is experiencing a problem with SPD, and you have a detailed set of steps on how to reproduce the problem, these are the folks you want to talk to; remember these guys are the experts on addressing issues.

The SPD Team is also an extension of its work, in that the content covered is usually targeted towards empowering customers through providing direction or instruction on how to implement exciting things using SPD. If you are interested in learning more on how to do really cool stuff using SPD or want to know how to apply and use specific techniques, these are the folks you want to talk to; remember these guys are there to help you do all the cool stuff using SPD.

Because SPD is an application building tool and not the infrastructure its worth mentioning one other blog, the SharePoint Team Blog. For core SharePoint infrastructure questions or problems visit the SharePoint Blog.

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  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the list of resources Lakesha, I was not aware of the support blog.

    I would be very grateful if you could append to your list locations of installation and configuration documents for the Fab Forty templates. I’ve read the ‘under the hood’ and all other two and three page documents I could find but am still not able to locate the "How to configure Help Desk’ (using Help Desk as an example) document that describes how to set up permissions.

    Unless I missed the point, these templates are for rapid deployment aimed at less experianced customers. Yet without detailed, step-by-step guides, I wonder if this vision can ever become a reality? Of course, if my search has missed something that has already been published, please forgive my forthrigtness – and please do include the link in your list.

    Thanks and regards


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