Issues with "Delay" activities in Workflow – Need your help!


Hi everyone,

If you're having trouble with Delay activities not returning in SharePoint workflows, head over to this entry from the SharePoint team blog for status and information on how to help us identify the issue:)  Thanks much!

- Eilene

Update: Thank you everyone for your patience and for sending us your workflows and information!   I wanted to let you know that the fix for the “delay” issues is included in the Infrastructure Updates that were released on 7/15, so please download those to get this.  We did notice that there seemed to be some other causes that can be fixed from the developer side, so we put together a KB to summarize our findings and tips for working around them at  We hope this will be the last of the delay issues, but if you continue to run into issues, please let us know.

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  1. Osman says:

    Hello SPD gurus,

    I just wanted some insight on the deployment aspect of workflows designed in SPD. I understand that deployment for workflows is handled by SharePoint designer itself (just in time compilation etc), but is there a possibility that we could package the workflows as a feature (like the ones that are custom coded in Visual Studio) and deploy them on MOSS ?



  2. says:

    Hello Osman,

    As you may know, when WF is developed (encapsulated) inside SPD the workflow rules file is declarative for a specific document library etc.  If you are interested in deploying one type of wf for multiple libraries, sites or site collections VS would need to be utilized, as you pointed out.

    I understand you desire to take an existing SPD wf and utilize it it throughout the MOSS environment but because SPD does not allow you to package the workflow assembly and workflow definition as a SharePoint Feature it will not allow you to deploy it throughout the site; it does not compile the code into a an assembly.

  3. Osman says:

    Hi manager17,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Can you pelase refer to Eilene’s post:

    "Porting SharePoint Designer Workflows to Visual Studio"

    Does this post imply that we can actually deploy Workflows designed in SPD as a a feature and therefore use them across multiple lists ?



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