SharePoint Designer Training Videos Now Available Online

The SharePoint Designer product team is excited to announce the first wave of the SharePoint Designer Training Videos.  The six training sessions cover the topics of Customizing SharePoint Sites Part 1, Customizing SharePoint Sites part 2, Building Layout Pages, Design Workflows, Build Composite Applications, and Integrate with Visual Studio to deploy site definition on SharePoint Platform.

These training sessions can be found on Office Online at the following landing page:



Comments (10)

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  2. Russell Clements says:

    Will these be made available for download for viewing off-line?

  3. Matt J. says:

    Anyone else having trouble getting to the site? doesn’t appear to be up and running…

  4. Alpesh Nakar says:

    @ Matt

    No problems here.

    Regards from Brisbane


  5. Office Live recommends SharePoint Designer as the premier development tool for building composite applications

  6. John Shahan says:

    These demos are very informative and well done but they don’t constitute training in my opinion.  I would REALLY appreciated a set of exercises like MS has for InfoPath 2007.

  7. kentek says:

    I downloaded the "Standalone" SP Designer .msi. It installs nicely and the listing screen displays but that it is as far as it goes. No Videos! It does not work; just opens a blank page. No errors, no nothing.  Same in both IE or FireFox.

    Anyone else with this issue?

  8. Karen says:

    I am  having a problem when I copy and paste content from one Sharepoint document for my website to another,  The formating and font is lost when I past it into the new document.  

  9. says:

    Kentek, "No Videos! It does not work; just opens a blank page. No errors, no nothing."  That pretty much describes my current situation to a tee.  On more wrinkle, however.  it used to work just fine, but for some reason it just quit.

  10. helpme says:

    Did kentek & bfast find a solution ?; I have the exact same problem.

    Using Vista SP2 & IE8.

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