Where can I find SharePoint Designer 2007?

Jerome I would like to take a few minutes to update you on SharePoint Designer 2007 distribution strategy as we completed the General Availability launch of Office 2007 and Vista.

First and foremost, we have a free download of SharePoint Designer (trial version) on Microsoft.com which is accessible on Office Online and MSDN (Non-subscriber section).

Even though our presence in retail physical stores will be very limited, we are referenced in online stores so that people wanting SharePoint Designer could get it at compusa.com or Amazon.com or PCMall.com for instance. Staples is carrying SharePoint Designer as well as of this morning.

Additionally, we have a full volume licensing offering for our enterprise and academic customers and it has been in place since the end of November 2006

It is awesome to see our product finally for sale!


Comments (3)

  1. trtoles says:

    CompUSA, Amazon.com, PCMAll.com and Staples are all very nice, but not if you do not live and do business in the USA.

    What about Europe?



  2. Spazz says:

    I have downloaded Sharepoint Designer 2007 Trail in order to try it and chech it out, but My Office 2007 Licence keey doesn’t work with it, which is a legal and fully paid key. How do I go about testing this product before I buy?

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