What a year… how to get started with 2010

It’s been an incredible year, and I want to personally thank everyone for their comments, suggestions, engagement at all levels with SharePoint 2007 and with SharePoint 2010. As you are fully aware by now, we have released the public beta of SharePoint and Office 2010 along with SQL Server 2008R2 CTP.  Here’s how you can…


A New Day for Business Intelligence

SharePoint Insights enables users to find the information they need across unstructured assets (blogs, wikis, presentations, documents) and structured assets (reports, spreadsheets, analytical systems). Empower users to discover the right people and expertise to make better informed and more agile business decisions. What’s really exciting is that this is now a reality and not just…


Business Intelligence @ SharePoint Conference 2009

We’ve completely sold out SPC’09.  That’s over 7000+ SharePoint experts, enthusiasts, developers, partners, everyday users, MVPs, and everyone else who wants to learn and talk about SharePoint.  See you in T-Minus 7 days at the largest SharePoint conference EVER!! Wanted to also share with you a sneak peak of the Insights sessions (Business Intelligence).  We…


SharePoint Conference 2009

If you haven’t registered for the conference (yet), or receiving the news feed, check out the recent blog post on the SharePoint team site which reveals another sneak peak at the sessions that will be at the event. For those who have asked me what’s going to be covered for Business Intelligence, all I can…


Excel and Gemini

Head on over to Thomas’ blog where he outlines his use of Excel 2010 and Gemini in analyzing some football data.  Thomas sums it up perfectly with Gemini is not only about analyzing large amount of data but also about getting relational storage capacities naitivly in Excel 2010. It is that functionality that let you…


SharePoint in plain English

I get this a lot.  Just what is SharePoint?  Check out this cool video and then let me now what SharePoint is to you in the comments below! SharePoint in Plain English


What to know more about the Office 2010 Technical Preview

Then head on over to http://www.microsoft.com/officebusiness/office2010/Default.aspx for a quick sneak peek of some of the features that are being highlighted.  Be sure to check out Project “Gemini” and how you too can be building powerful analytical applications using Excel 2010.  And remember to check http://sharepoint.microsoft.com for the latest on SharePoint 2010.    


Business Intelligence at Super Bowl XLIII

Yes. I know what you are all thinking. Of course there is Business Intelligence at the Super Bowl. Teams use it to determine their strategies such as weighing the risks of various plays to tip the outcome of the gridiron in their favor. I am sure the concession vendors used it as well in determining…


Sneak peek of SharePoint 2010

Wanted to let you all know that we have made available 3 sneak peak videos showcasing some of the new features of SharePoint 2010, the business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web .  Posted, you’ll find videos that cover an Overview, IT Professional, and Developer highlighting some 22 features in all, which is…


SSRS Integrated mode with SharePoint and Report Builder 2.0

Wanted to draw attention to some new features the SQL Server team released in the latest Service Pack for SQL Server 2008.  Specifically, the click-once integration of Report Builder within SharePoint. If you are not running SSRS in Integrated mode with SharePoint, what are you waiting for?  You’ll get all the benefits of SharePoint document…