SharePoint in plain English

I get this a lot.  Just what is SharePoint? 

Check out this cool video and then let me now what SharePoint is to you in the comments below!

SharePoint in Plain English

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  1. afriza says:


    Is SharePoint a ready to use "Content Management System"-like product? Or will I need a developer to build on top of SharePoint to get what is advertised in the video?

    Afriza N. Arief

  2. Hi Afriza

    Actually what you see in the video comes without extra coding needed. You are correct to think of sharepoint as a CMS-like product. It did also take over MS CMS, so that part is "built-in".

    You can do a LOT in sharepoint without needed to code, but you will soon realize that sharepoint is more like a toolbox than a complete system. It’s made to be highly customizable, but it really is not easy.

    You will soon want to get a coder to change something for you.

  3. pejmanj says:

    Check out the Enterprise Content management team blog on all the things you can do with and without code.

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