Using your My Site in SharePoint Workspace

Perhaps you’re already enjoying the flexibility of using a SharePoint My Site. You can compartmentalize content as Personal (content available only to you), Collaborative (content available to you and specific team members), and Shared (content available to anyone who has access to the site). And you can also take advantage of Office 2010’s co-authoring features if you’re editing 2010 Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.

SharePoint Workspace lets you make the most of My Site features by giving you around-the-clock access to your My Site content, even when you’re not on your network. Consider using your My Site as your central hub for all content to which you need frequent access. Your lists and document libraries can be available to you when you’re at the airport, on a plane, or just working from home. As soon as you connect to your office network, the SharePoint workspace containing your My Site content is synchronized with your My Site on the server.

You might enjoy the rich client features you’ll find in a SharePoint workspace. Switch quickly among your SharePoint lists with a single click. Use the familiar Office ribbon to start activities such as creating links, checking out files, or adding new or existing documents to the site.

To create a SharePoint workspace from your My Site, do the following:

1. Click My Content on your My Site.

2. Click Site Actions and then click Sync to SharePoint Workspace.

3. In the Sync to SharePoint Workspace dialog box, click OK.

Joe Levine

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  1. James Valli says:

    Can you please email me on how to use microsoft sharepoint 2010 please

    My email is

    or my cell is 027 335 5063


    All the best James Valli

  2. Nazley says:


    I have created a site and have invited members to join. However some members when reaching the site are unable to sync to sharepoint workspace.

    Could you please help?

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