SharePoint Workspace moves to NERD!

The SharePoint Workspace team is moving this week to NERD, Microsoft’s New England Research and Development campus in Kendall Square.  As of Monday we’ll be surveying the scene in Cambridge and across the river in Boston, getting to know our new campus pals, and getting busy in a new base of operations.  Hope to see…


Resolving edit conflicts in a SharePoint workspace

SharePoint Workspace gives you the freedom to work with SharePoint content from any location, even when you’re not on your network. But with this freedom comes the potential for edit conflicts if the same item is edited on the server while you edit it offline in a SharePoint workspace. When there is an edit conflict…


SharePoint Workspace 2010 Deployment Info

Need deployment info on SharePoint Workspace 2010?  Mena Paton has written a white paper on deployment essentials that you can download in printable form here, and you can also get live information on the topic here, from the Office 2010 library on TechNet.  


Surfacing SharePoint Workspace data through Windows Explorer and Office applications

With SharePoint Workspace 2010, you can access file data housed in SharePoint Workspace through Windows Explorer and certain Office applications. This is true for both SharePoint workspaces and Groove workspaces, though Groove workspaces must be 2010 workspaces. Windows Explorer integration In Office 2010, you no longer have to be within the SharePoint Workspace application in…