Encryption in SharePoint Workspace 2010

In securing your SharePoint Workspace environment, it’s important to understand the encryption story.  The table below summarizes built-in data encryption in SPW 2010: Workspace type Is file* data encrypted on-disk? Is non-file data encrypted on disk? Is data encrypted over the network? SharePoint No** No** No*** Groove 2010 No** Yes Yes Groove 2007 Yes Yes…


Anand and Drew introducing SPW at SharePoint User Group event

Anand Kulkarni and Drew Harris will be offering An Introduction to SharePoint Workspace at the SharePoint user group event in Waltham, Massachusetts this coming Tuesday, 2/23.  Things get underway at 6 p.m. at the Microsoft offices on Jones Road.  Follow the link for more details. Jim McCoy


SharePoint Workspace and Single Sign-on

For those of you who are new to SharePoint Workspace – welcome and thank you for exploring the product. You can comfortably proceed on to other parts of the web without reading the rest of this blog entry.  However, for those of you keen on a little history lesson or come from our Groove customer…


Workflows with SharePoint Workspace

If you have a Windows Workflow Foundation workflow running on your SharePoint site, you can use SharePoint Workspace to take it offline and continue doing work. Every time you sync with the SharePoint server, your actions will correctly trigger any workflows which are idle and listening to activity. That way you don’t have to worry…


SPW: Workspaces Defined

SharePoint Workspace offers users the ability to collaborate with or without a central server.  When you create a new workspace from the launchbar, you have three options: SharePoint workspaces use centralized server-based network architecture for data storage and retrieval. Users must be able to connect to the server in order to publish changes that others…