BCS Video on External Data in SharePoint Workspace 2010

This latest video from the BCS team dovetails nicely with Andrew Harris’ recent post on External Lists in SharePoint Workspace.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymuos says:

    Office 2010 pricing and SKUs announced. I can’t upgrade to SharePoint Workspace 2010 from Groove 2007 without a volume license? Please put Groove back in Professional or bring back Ultimate SKU. And what happened to the P2P workspace features? Do we need MOSS now?

  2. Jim McCoy says:

    From Product Manager Paul Cannon:  

    Thanks for your comment. What was announced was retail pricing for the more common products. You will notice that we did not do a lot of "retail" announcments for SharePoint Workspace / Project / Visio etc. This was a conscious decision to not "flood" the market with information.

    The current plan is to have it available for digital purchase and download as well as part of a suite available to volume purchasers of Office.

    Sorry that the lack of information generated any confusion. Rest assured as we get closer to announcing pricing for our products that focus on volume sales – you will hear the details.

    As far as P2P goes, its in the product as well and you will here more about that as we get closer to release.

    Thanks again for your patience and excitement around SharePoint Workspace!

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