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As we’ve recently announced that Groove will be changing its name to SharePoint Workspace, this seems like a good time to change the name of the blog as well.  The vehicle formerly known as All the Groovey News that Fits will henceforth be named Working the Spaces, Sharing the Point.

We’ll continue to give you the same sort of thing:  we’ll tell you about what the development team is up to, we’ll alert you to what’s new with the products, and we’ll toss around ideas on how to get the most out of Groove 2007.  Soon SharePoint Workspace 2010 will pop out of the oven, and we’ll tell you all about that, too.

Along with the name change, note the new and improved URL (, and grab yourself a feed…

Comments (6)

  1. ashokhingorani1 says:

    Hi Thanks

    but confused

    the links send me back and forth

    which is the real final blog space

    TIA and best regards

    ashok hingorani / MVP Groove

  2. Jim McCoy says:

    This is the blog to check going forward, Ashok.  This link should always get you here:

  3. ashokhingorani1 says:

    Thanks Jim i will start routing all my groove / SP stuff via here


  4. ashokhingorani1 says:


    how do i creat a new Blog post as opposed to just commenting on the current one

    have been doing a lot of yakking on groove/SP on linked in and would like to move some here

    TIA and best rgds


  5. Jim McCoy says:

    Hi, Ashok.  Thanks for the interest in posting, but this blog is intended only for direct communications from the development team.  Comments on those communications are always welcome.

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