Reasons to do a full crawl (*and it’s not for schema changes)

To avoid burying the lede, I’ll start by “boldly” saying… *You don’t need to regularly schedule a full crawl for SharePoint Search I’ve been at this long enough to realize that someone likely has an exception to this – but I truly cannot think of a reason to schedule full crawls (especially for SharePoint content)….


Crawler Performance, Hosts, and Impact [Hit] Rules

As part of the crawl processing flow, the Crawl Component starts “robot” threads that orchestrate items from gathering to feeding and finally committing their final state (see this previous post on Crawl Orchestration for more details and an illustration of that flow). In this post, we focus more on the “robot” threads, Crawler impact rules,…


SP2013: Using Get-SPIndexReports to Troubleshoot Failed Master Merge

Ever had an SP2013 Index Component report a yellow exclamation point () to indicate a “degraded index component” and then wondered what that really meant? From my experience, these almost always either tied to an underlying disk problem and/or some external software interfering with the component (most commonly, AntiVirus or file-level backup utilities). In this post, we’ll specifically look…


Alternate Access Mappings (AAMs) *Explained

Based on many of the support cases that I’ve seen, Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) may be one of the least understood aspects of SharePoint and can have substantial impact on Search (both Crawl and Query). In this post, I’ll document some of my experiences and insights on AAMs. Note: “Plan alternate access mappings (Office SharePoint Server)” is the best…


SP2010: Troubleshooting ServerID Mismatch (Deleting Components)

In a another post, I described a scenario where removing/re-joining a SharePoint Server that hosts a Search component will lead to an inconsistency in the ServerID being referenced by the applicable Search component(s) and the SharePoint farm Configuration object for the applicable server. If you identify a ServerID mismatch, the recommendation is to remove (or…


SharePoint 2010: Crawl process is stuck after SQL Server runs out of disk space

Maybe this is cheating in terms of a blog post, but I wrote the bulk of this Support KB and wanted to share in as many ways as I could… SharePoint 2010: Crawl process is stuck after SQL Server runs out of disk space Consider the following scenario: You initiate a full/incremental crawl of the…


Troubleshooting the SSP Search Indexer for MOSS 2007

It’s time to set aside my SharePoint 2013 farm and get into the way-back machine to troubleshoot the Indexer for MOSS SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider (SSP)… (As I mentioned in a previous post on Search Terminology, I try avoiding the term “Indexer” because it has a muddied connotation in SharePoint 2010 & 2013. However, given this relates…


Blind spots in Usage file and Web Analytics Reports

In my previous post (Troubleshooting SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics), I referenced a problem that can occur when exceeding the daily partition size for the LoggingDB, which generates the ULS message “[Partition] has exceeded the max bytes”. Below, I wanted to provide some additional info on this particular issue and help identify some options if this…