Reasons to do a full crawl (*and it’s not for schema changes)

To avoid burying the lede, I’ll start by “boldly” saying… *You don’t need to regularly schedule a full crawl for SharePoint Search I’ve been at this long enough to realize that someone likely has an exception to this – but I truly cannot think of a reason to schedule full crawls (especially for SharePoint content)….


Search Health Reports (SRx) – Digging in further with PowerShell

After introducing the Search Health Reports (SRx) last year, we continued to extend the battery of PowerShell tests for analyzing and troubleshooting a SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 on-premises search farm. Because most of these efforts resulted in new or improved tests, we largely suggested and recommended the RunAllTests report and Indexer Disk report to leverage the SRx…


Search Performance: A case of AV slowing down crawls

In the services world supporting Search, I commonly see the nasty impact of Anti-Virus (AV) on the performance of SharePoint Search. Before diving into this scenario, I want to first reiterate the following KB: Certain folders may have to be excluded from antivirus scanning when you use file-level antivirus software in SharePoint Which states: These…


SP2013: Using Get-SPIndexReports to Troubleshoot Failed Master Merge

Ever had an SP2013 Index Component report a yellow exclamation point () to indicate a “degraded index component” and then wondered what that really meant? From my experience, these almost always either tied to an underlying disk problem and/or some external software interfering with the component (most commonly, AntiVirus or file-level backup utilities). In this post, we’ll specifically look…


The Upcoming Cloud SSA and Next Generation Hybrid Search: Initial Thoughts

At the Microsoft Ignite Conference last week, we got our first look at the upcoming SharePoint Cloud Search Service Application (Cloud SSA), which enables on premise environments to push content to a Search Index running in SharePoint Online (SPO). And with it coming to SharePoint 2013 by the end of the year (and to SharePoint…


MS Ignite “Effective Search Deployment” Session References (BRK3176)

Thank you everyone that came by to talk about our favorite subject… Search. We are incredibly grateful for the number of folks that added us to their schedule, and we hope you came away learning something new. If your company or organization has a Premier Support contract and you need to engage us on anything…


Another Shameless Self-Promotion: Presenting at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Coming to Microsoft Ignite next week? Then I invite you to come see Kristopher Loranger and I present on Tuesday, May 5: Effective Search Deployment and Operations in SharePoint Server 2013       We’ll be covering some architecture best practices, detailed look at query flows and the indexer. Most of the focus will be OnPrem SP2013, but we expect…


SP2013 Search Index health reports for monitoring and troubleshooting

Update: The newest version of the Search Index Health Reports script can now be found with our Search Health Reports (SRx) Core diagnostic tools, which can be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery here. ———- Ever had an SP2013 Index Component report a yellow exclamation point () to indicate a “degraded index component” and then wondered what that…


AAMs *Explained : Redux (and Presentation)

I recently gave a talk around AAMs and wanted to post my slides here (attached below as AAMExplained.xps).  This post is intended to complement my previous post on AAMs, but these slides go a little further by starting to explore the impacts to crawls and URL-based properties in the index (these slides relating to search also help explain the…


SharePoint 2013 – Initial take on changes to Search

It’s like Christmas in July – I’m currently waiting for my download of SharePoint Server 2013 and can’t wait to play for the first time! I don’t have a lot to talk about yet, but a ton of official slide decks can be found at SharePoint 2013: Presentation: IT pro training ( ). In that page, it’s easy to miss the…