A shift from SRx back to blogging all things SP Search…

Over the last year, I've been putting far more focus into the Search Health Reports (SRx) and incorporating my lessons learned into this PowerShell tool-kit to empower anyone using it. As such, my time for blogging has suffered and let this site get a bit stale.

That is soon going to change now that the SRx is fairly robust and moving into more of a maintenance mode. Now, I'm actively working on several new blog posts using the SRx for more effective troubleshooting and to help you get more out of the knowledge baked into it. I also plan to highlight and demo some of the alerting/reporting functionality provided by the SRx Dashboard that we sell as a Premier [Axis] engagement (*have your TAM reach out to us at SearchEngineers@microsoft.com for any additional details in the meantime). To branch out a bit, I'm also working on a new Crawl Freshness test for SPO/On-Premises using Azure Functions and the Graph API. And finally, I'm working to build out several new tests specifically for Cloud Hybrid Search... so much more to come.

I appreciate anyone reading this blog and finding value from this.

--Brian Pendergrass (@bspndr)
Premier Field Engineer - SharePoint Search


Comments (2)

  1. Piotr Siódmak says:

    Nice. But the SRx is nice too. It already helped me a couple of times. Keep up the good work.

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