Change web application port number in SharePoint 2010

Recently, one of my partners came with a request of changing his web application port. After digging around, I found an article that explained how to change Central Administration port number using stsadm.exe . I was sure that there should be a way to do it using GUI and guess what, there is a way to do it from Central Admin Site. It is quite simple.

1. Open Central Administation Site, go to Manage web application -> Choose the web application and in the ribbon Click on the arrow below Delete web application. Choose Remove SharePoint from IIS web site.

2. In the pop up box, make sure the right IIS site is chosen and click Yes and OK.

3.Make sure its also deleted from IIS.

4.In the Central Admin Site. click on the site again and now click on Extend in ribbon.

5. Fill in the details with the required port number and click OK.


Thats it!... now your web application is available on a new port number.

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  1. Aviw_ says:

    Thanx for rare but useful information!

  2. didomenicor22 says:

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  3. Karthik says:

    Never delete the original IIS site if you are dealing with an existing production site. It will break up so many things like the client scripts, sharepoint designer etc..just extend it to the required port..

  4. GB says:

    Set-SPCentralAdministration -Port <PortNumber>

    From TechNet:…/cc288247(v=office.14).aspx

  5. Rahul says:

    Thank you so much for providing a Great page with great information. I have one question if something does not work in production site then what are the steps to Roll back ? Please suggest .

  6. there is no match between the title and the body of the blog. says:

    there is no match between the title and the body of the blog.

    I dont know how to change the port without deleting the site

    but I am sure that this is not the proper way of doing it..

  7. Don Johnson says:

    Two things…GB…that is for Central Administration…not the same as a regular SharePoint site.

    And contrary to the post above, this is the proper way of doing it.  The reasoning is this lets SharePoint delete and create the site on the desired port, so if a new WFE is added or if web services are moved to another server in the farm, these changes will be reflected.  It can be done in IIS directly as well, but then the changes become manual on any new servers.  The general rule is to do it through SharePoint so the config database has the current changes.  SharePoint is ignorant of any changes made outside of SharePoint tools (i.e. changes made directly in IIS Manager).

  8. İsmail TUTUMLUER says:


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