Upcoming features in SharePoint Online

You will soon receive a notification for planned maintenance upgrade to Service Update 2. This update brings 4 important features to SharePoint Online. They are

  • 500,000 AD objects
  • Site Collection Recover Recycle Bin
  • Better experience for PDF files.
  • EASi ID Support

Lets dig in detail of each of them

Scalability up to 500,000 AD objects : untill SU2, we have a limit where if we have an org. with more than 20,000 AD objects SPO could not be provisioned.This service update allows customers with up to 500,000 user objects to provision SharePoint Online. Please note that the limit is based on the no. of user objects that get synced from local Active Directory to Microsoft Online Directory Service. THis doesnot include groups or contacts. More details will be available in Service Description.

Site Collection Recover Recycle Bin : In SU2 Sub-site collections (https://domainname.sharepoint.com/sites/subsitecollection) can be restored from a recycle bin that will be available at "Manage Site Collection" page. This will be available only to E plan tenants. Root site collections (https://domainname.sharepoint.com )will need to be restored by Operations team.


Better experience for PDF files: PDF files will now open directly in the browser rather than downloading it first. After the SharePoint Online environment has been updated, users must have the latest Adobe Reader version (10.1.2) installed: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

EASi ID  Support : Untill SU2, we could only send External Invite to only Live ID ( like hotmail, live, msn). After SU2 external users just need o associate their business email address (ex: user@contoso.com) with the Windows LiveID system. Then, Office 365 customers invite their partners and clients to their external sharing sites by using their primary email account. As long as this email has been associated to the LiveID system, the external user can sign in with their primary user name and associated password.

Look forward to make the best use of these features.




Comments (2)
  1. Per Jarlemark says:

    What is the timeplan for this update to be fully implemented ?

  2. Roshan N Y says:

    These features will be available by end of April 2012.

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