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  1. Bryan Dady says:

    This blog post was a top hit in an internet search I did, but the links are malformed. Fortunately, the correct links were still in the HTML, so here is where I'm pretty sure the author wanted you to get to:

    "One of the most interesting feature in Office 365 is the ability to send out invites to people who do NOT have an Office 365 account. These people can be your customers, business partners etc.

    Click here […/did-you-know-you-can-share-sharepoint-online-s-external-sharing-capabilities.aspx ], the link that talks about how we can configure it.

    Also now after the Service Update, released in November 2011, we can invite up to 1000 people. And we can change the inheritance and restrict external invitees from accessing all the content. We can restrict them from access a document library or document/item.

    For better planning to use Office 365 in every scenario, do look into Office 365 Advisor […/office-365-advisor.aspx ]. This is one of the Office 365 tools".

  2. Roshan N Y says:

    Thanks Bryan.. I have made the relevant changes

  3. Cherry Wang says:

    At the point, for Office 365 Enterprise SharePoint Online, 10,000 free “external user”  PALs are included per tenant.

  4. Jimmy says:

    To all of you searching this on google and this being the first search result. The answer for the 74-325 Exam that you're looking for is 10,000. As of today's date at least, you get 10,000 PAL's per tenant.

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