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Since the introduction of External Sharing feature and Simple Public facing site in SharePoint Online, many of my partners and customers are asking questions on report that give details on no. of times a site is accessed, no. of unique users/visitors...basically features related to Web Analytics.

Well we can get this kind of reporting out of the box in SharePoint Online itself. Follow the below simple steps to know more.

Step1 : Open any of your Private Site Collection or Public site in SharePoint Online. ( Yes, we have this reporting even for simple public website in SPO 🙂 )

Step2: Your Private Site Collection URL will be https://something.sharepoint.com/Pages/default.aspx or https://something.sharepoint.com/sites/anything/pages/default.aspx  or https://something.sharepoint.com/teams/anything/pages/default.aspx

  • Replace Pages/Default.aspx with _layouts/usagedetails.aspx and you will see the below screen


  • Make the similar URL changes to the public facing site in SPO and you will get report for it.

Step3 : Now as you know the URL, create a Hyper Link on your Private SharePoint Site and get access to the report anytime 🙂


Happy Reporting!!..



Comments (12)

  1. jabi786 says:

    Your web analytics series is fantastic this helps me out quite a bit because I want to optimize my analytics to really see what is going on with my blog that is hosted through Google  

  2. James Wright says:

    Try CardioLog analytics, which helps enterprises to better engage their users / customers and provides detailed analytics and usage reports via the following analytics reports: http://www.intlock.com/…/Reports-Gallery.asp.

    For further information, please contact info@intlock.com, or visit http://www.intlock.com

  3. hassan210360 says:


    Thanks for the tip.



  4. bill.teeple@virtualinstruments.com says:

    How do we get standard users to view this report?  We are having issues finding security settings within the O365 portal for this – and I don't want to grant Admin rights to a standard user.

  5. Joao Ferreira says:

    Very nice article.

    I'm working with branding for the public facing sites, let me introduce our work, take a look at http://bindtuning.com/

    We have a tuning tool where you can fully customize a theme for SharePoint and besides being responsive the theme include a lot of features.

  6. Counie says:


    I'm coming (late) to Office365/SPOnline world from on prem SharePoint 2010.

    When I try to access the web analytics in O365 I get the message

    "Usage logging is disabled in this farm. Please contact your farm administrator for more details. "

    Has the site web analytics feature been disabled in O365 since this blog post was originally published ?

  7. Mike says:

    I have the same issue as Counie, is this a feature that now needs to be enabled somehow?

  8. John C says:

    Ditto for me.  Can't find any way to turn it on.

  9. Tom C says:

    I have found the same. Usage Details appear to have been disabled in the current version of SharePoint Online.

  10. PaulE says:

    I'm betting the usagedetails.aspx is using the 2010 usage data which does not exist in 2013. Notice how the _layouts path in this article does not have "/15" in it. Now, when I try to use it, I am automatically redirected to _layouts/15/usagedetails.aspx, but the disabled message is there. Again, presumably because usagedetails.aspx was likely created for the 2010 usage data.

    I've been trying to get some information around the 2013 implementation for obtaining this information: _api/site/usage or Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.UsageInfo, but both of these return zeroes for Hits and Visits. The information we seek is in there somewhere because the Popularity and Search Reports (_layouts/15/Reporting.aspx?Category=AnalyticsSiteCollection) Usage spreadsheet has it.

  11. HBL says:

    This feature is not available in SharePoint Online version.

  12. Jimi says:

    This helped me…

    Site Settings > Popularity Trends [or] Popularity and Search Reports (from Top Level Site)


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