Web Analytics in Office 365 : SharePoint Online

Since the introduction of External Sharing feature and Simple Public facing site in SharePoint Online, many of my partners and customers are asking questions on report that give details on no. of times a site is accessed, no. of unique users/visitors…basically features related to Web Analytics. Well we can get this kind of reporting out…


Change SharePoint Online Public Site to look like a SharePoint 2010 Site

In Office 365 : SharePoint Online, with all plans, we get a public facing http site. In P Plans its already created and in E plans its not created by default. You can given an option to create it. But once the site is created/ready you will realise that its not completely SharePoint Site. It…


Achieving FBA with ADLDS & SharePoint 2010

FBA or Form Based Authentication is a method used when user/s who are not part of your company, such as business vendors or customers, would like to access your SharePoint Site and you want some kind of authentication for them. We can use SQL database or seperate AD or ADLDS to store the external users and have them authenticated….


How to search Exchange Public Folder using SharePoint Search

SharePoint 2010 Search can search multiple location. One of those location/content source is Exchange Public Folders. This article talks about steps that are required to search public folders in Exchange 2007 SP2 or later (which includes Exchange 2010). Step1: To get the URL of Public Folder do the following:(assuming that you have already created public…


Steps to configure Single Sign On for Office 365.

Most of the organizations who use Active Directory (AD) will like to us Single Sign-On with their corporate credentails in Office 365. This artcile takes you through the steps of achieving it. First, do remember the following points if you are going ahead with Single Sign-On in Office 365. You need to have ADFS 2.0…


How can we set custom domain name for SPO public site

In Office 365, you can host your SharePoint Online public website on the same domain as Exchange Online and Lync Online, but you will need to do additional steps to achieve it. Step 1 : Run the Add your domain wizard to add your domain name, for example, contoso.com, to Office 365 and verify that…


CREATE Documents in SharePoint Online

One of the most awaited feature is available in SharePoint Online now. We can now create documents like word, excel, powerpoint in SharePoint Online. Follow the below steps to achieve it: 1. Open browser and Click Tools and then choose Manage Add-ons. 2. Make sure you choose “All add-ons” under Show. 3. Look for “SharePoint…