Using Excel Reports with Microsoft Test Manager to see test pass status of test cases linked to a work item

From Microsoft Test Manager, you can create a Requirement based suite to see the associated test cases for a given user story or a requirement.

On the right side pane, under the Test Activity, you can see the test pass/ fail status for all test cases associated with this user story.

Problem Statement:

The right side pane of the Requirement based suite will only show the test case status based on whatever the tester status the tester has provided in this particular suite. If the test cases present in the Requirement based suites are also present elsewhere (in another test suite or another test plan) and you just want to see the status of these test cases (most recent pass/ fail information), Excel reports are the way to go.

Note: Using the report given below, you can see the status of test cases that are associated (linked) to a generic work item, not necessarily a user story. If some test cases are linked to each other (slightly modified versions of the same test case with different iteration paths/ area paths etc) and you want to see the status of these linked test cases, the same report can also be used.

The Excel Report:

You can create an Excel report as follows:

Report Filter:

1. Work Item Linked.[System_Title] – Select the the user story as the linked item. Use this filter to get all test cases linked to a user story

Row Labels:

1. Test Configuration.[Configuration Name] – Test Configurations selected under the report filters.

2. Test Case.[System_Title] – The names of all test cases, grouped by test configuration

Column Labels:

1. Test Result.[Outcome] – the state of the test case (failed, passed, never run, error, blocked or aborted)


1. Test. [Point Count Tread] – indicates the count of all test points (test cases x configurations) satisfying the row/ column labels

Comments (1)

  1. Raj Gilla says:


    We have MTM installed, but tfs_analysis cube is empty. I want to get the test cases list by Test plan.

    And also latest test results by test plan.

    Can you please let me know, if there is a work around to get the data from core database.

    And also tfs records Assigned_to in a encrypted format, How can I get the user ID, what are the tables I may need to join to get the userID or User Name.

    Please email bak to



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