Billy Hollis on Getting Smart with WPF

Thanks to Jonas for sending me a link to this video of Billy Hollis presenting a great WPF business application: Billy Hollis on Getting Smart with WPF The first ~20 minutes of the video walks you through the UI design and talks about how various WPF features have been used to produce some great results…


Gamer-influenced Design

Last year I blogged a little about how we can learn to design for Feedback and Problem Solving by drawing inspiration from games design: (Shameless plug: Sarah Bloomer and I also talk about this in our "Back to the Future" tutorial.) Meanwhile, Greg Willis sent around this article today: SaaS vendor quits browser to…


Aussie Web and UX highlights for Remix – have we missed any?

Do you have cool Web/UX stuff that should be shown off at Remix? At Remix last year we promised that in 2008 we would turn the stage over to you guys and highlight the great work Aussies are doing with all the new gear. True to our word, we’re planning to showcase some great Australian…


Mark your Calendars! Remix 08 (Melbourne and Sydney) is on

Ok, Finula has aligned all the necessary ducks, and we are go for Remix 08 in Australia! This year we are sharing the love around and taking Remix to: Sydney – Tuesday May 20th, and Melbourne- Thursday May 22nd For those that weren’t at Remix last year, it’s where we take all the best bits…


WPF, Silverlight and Expression neatly explained in New Zealandish

The guys at the ZamDes User Group over in Kiwiland have scraped together various info about WPF, Silverlight, XAML and Expression into a good little PowerPoint overview. Follow this link to ZamDes User Group ( and look out for the PowerPoint slidedeck.


Bite-sized Silverlight tutorials for designers – a perfect fit for your attention span

This is big – but small at the same time. Our very own karstenj, Ceslo Gomes (apologies to Celso – I blaim my source) designer to the stars, has launched “Nibbles Tutorials” – bite-sized tutorials for designers on how to use Expression with Silverlight and (soon) WPF. We really needed this – the onramp for…


Free online Expression training!

Arturo Toledo, our UX technical product manager back in Redmond has pointed out some free Expression training on from and TotalTraining.   The Expression Blend training is presented by Lee Brimelow, who is a guest speaker at Remix later this month in Melbourne. Note that Lee is talking about Expression Blend v1 – i.e….


Surfaces, darling

“I just want SURFACES, darling. I don’t want this, look, I don’t want this. I don’t want THINGS on PLACES like that.” – Eddie, Absolutely Fabulous You know your blog is working when people email you and ask why you haven’t blogged about stuff yet. Thanks Scott! MS unveiled its (our?) Surfaces multi-touch computing platform…


Discretionary use of Mandatory tools, or…

… or, “I wonder if Frank would let me expense a joystick for my desk?” Frank noticed this article in the New York Times yesterday: Why Work Is Looking More Like a Video Game The first part of the article discusses making business software more game-like. Having worked on a lot of business applications in my…


ReMIX brings the best of MIX downunder

So I’ve just returned from MIX and CHI. My tutes seemed to go well at CHI, and MIX was great fun. There were a bunch of Aussies there among the 2,100 developers and designers in Venice Las Vegas learning about the latest MS stuff, as well as hearing industry luminaries like Clement Mok (I shook…