Design principles for Windows 7

Long Zheng has put up some photos from the "Design principles for Windows 7" session at PDC. These really are general principles that we should all take into account designing software experiences. The example of the jump lists in Windows 7 is interesting. By right-clicking on an application icon in the task bar or start…


You can be a usability specialist like Olly

Nice to see "Technology Usability Specialist" highlighted on the ABC’s "Ace Day Jobs" site. Technology Usability Specialist I have to agree with Oliver, one of the best parts of the job is the variety – I personally have worked for organisation ranging from defence to retailers to utilities to media companies. (Oh, and large software…


Expression, Silverlight, User Experience and Web Futures – my 2.5 sessions at Tech.Ed Oz

Here are the details for my sessions at Tech.Ed Australia: My Breakout Sessions The art and science behind creating a great user experience ARC301 03/09/2008 12:00-13:15 A great user experience means more than drop shadows and rounded corners. It might end with placing elements on a screen, but user experience starts much further upstream, maybe…


Of Mapping, Cognitive Load and Credit Card Payments

Every credit card I’ve ever owned shows the expiry date in MM/YY format. E.g. 07/10. If an online payment site asks me to enter the expiry date by selecting the Month name, they are asking me to perform a mapping from the numerical information on my credit card to the desired format. This adds unnecessary…


Best Careers: Usability/User Experience Specialist

US News and World report has listed "Usability/User Experience Specialist" as one of the best careers for 2008. I couldn’t agree more! Just a couple of notes comparing the US market to the Australian market, though: First the bad news: I’m not sure the pay is quite as good here on average (at least in…


Customer Experience: The Future of Usability – Dec 3, Sydney

A number of usability industry luminaries, plus me, are speaking on an AIMIA panel entitled “Customer Experience: The Future of Usability” in Sydney on Dec 3. I plan to talk about emerging pressures on user-centred-design: faster design, design by everyone etc. How can user experience professionals support the design of great customer experiences by everyone,…


World Usability Day on Thursday

Thursday is World Usability Day and there are Australian Events in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. The theme this year is healthcare.