My two talks at Tech-Ed Australia and New Zealand

I will be doing two presentations at Tech-Ed on the Gold Coast (8-11 Sep) and Auckland (14-16 Sep). The first talk is in the Architecture track, and the second in the Web/UX track. Silverlight Won’t Save Your User Experience, You Will. You think adding a Silverlight UI to your application will solve your usability problems?…


Remix registration is live – Register now and Save! Save! Save!

It was weeks in the making, but the Remix Australia website is finally live and taking registrations. Check out the program and you’ll see we’ve been working hard to find the best speakers to cover all the latest Microsoft stuff for the web and beyond. Just look! There’s Surface, there’s Sketchflow, there’s Blend, there’s Silverlight,…


Artists in Residence rocked so much it hurt

Well we had our first Silverlight Artists in Residence last week in Melbourne and it totally rocked. Really. I was ready for the first one to be a bit average, but we left average in our dust. Jordan Knight from Readify was an awesome facilitator. He not only has deep Silverlight skills, he is really…


Jonas Follesoe and the miracle of Kuler for Blend

Is there no end to the genius of Jonas Follesoe? Now he’s gone and made an Adobe Kuler plug-in for Expression Blend and Design, making it dead easy to try different colour-ways and create them as resources for your Silverlight or WPF project. Check it out here: Announcing Colorful Expression Studio Add-In Then check our…


I’m a Motion Design Newbie – TechEd attendee RFID visualiser thingy

Coming from a background in old-school application design, designing for motion is something I didn’t have to worry about much in the past – except for maybe the occasional sliding/expanding panel. However, in these days of ‘one-page websites’, animation and cinematography are finding their way more and more into everyday applications. This is for two…


Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi mockups? Blend Resource Dictionaries mean not having to choose

I was taught to avoid high-fidelity mockups for as long as possible. But there is an important role for high-fidelity mockups as well. If only we could have both… I’ve just finished reading "Design Vision" by Luke Wroblewski, Dirk Knemeyer, Bob Baxley, and Jim Leftwich. (I make it a policy never to be more than…


Shanemo and DelicateGenius do ‘Artists in Residence’

For the last week Kordesy and I have been at the Microsofties’ version of ‘Artists in Residence’ at Microsoft in Redmond. The idea of Artists in Residence is to give a developer/designer pair the chance to get some training and mentoring from experts while they work on a Silverlight project together over the course of…


Wireframing in Silverlight 1.0

If you are a designer working on a Silverlight 1.0 project, or if you are working with designers, check out the video by Arturo Toledo entitled "Workflow of Silverlight with Expression and Visual Studio from the recent "Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter" event in the US. Arturo talks about wireframing in Expression Blend and emphasises the…


The problem with UI specs

I met Rene de Paula, fellow UXE from Brazil, our “UX Summit” in Madrid(!) last week. In the break after my “Wireframing with Blend” session, Rene took me out into the hallway and shot this short video. Still need to work on those short answers…


WPF, Silverlight and Expression neatly explained in New Zealandish

The guys at the ZamDes User Group over in Kiwiland have scraped together various info about WPF, Silverlight, XAML and Expression into a good little PowerPoint overview. Follow this link to ZamDes User Group ( and look out for the PowerPoint slidedeck.