Remix videos all up

Kordesy has done a sterling job and all the Remix videos are now up for viewing at Postmix.


Remix videos on Postmix

(Postmix – where we take concentrated Remix syrup and add Silverlight. Or something.) Kordesy the Delicate Genius that he is has put the first few videos from Remix up on a new blog we’ve called Postmix Australia. The videos aren’t great – sorry about that – but hopefully they are useful to those who missed out, or…


Everyone look at me! Remix videos

A couple of videos of me at Remix have been posted on ZDnet.,139023769,339280189,00.htm,130061733,339280255,00.htm Actually, credit for the egg idea has to go to Jon Harris, Mixrosoft User eXperience Evangelist in the UK and Celso Gomes. Thanks Jon! If you’re hanging out to re-live (or live for the first time) Remix then your patience… – maybe we should issue all designers with square glasses?

Well it just goes to show you you can’t tell a developer by their pocket protector anymore. is live – upload your photo and see whether your job description matches your t-shirt. This is a nice little lead-in to the “Designers are from Venus, Developers are from Mars” panel I am moderating at Remix next…

Free online Expression training!

Arturo Toledo, our UX technical product manager back in Redmond has pointed out some free Expression training on from and TotalTraining.   The Expression Blend training is presented by Lee Brimelow, who is a guest speaker at Remix later this month in Melbourne. Note that Lee is talking about Expression Blend v1 – i.e….


ReMIX brings the best of MIX downunder

So I’ve just returned from MIX and CHI. My tutes seemed to go well at CHI, and MIX was great fun. There were a bunch of Aussies there among the 2,100 developers and designers in Venice Las Vegas learning about the latest MS stuff, as well as hearing industry luminaries like Clement Mok (I shook…