MIX registration open. Or, win a ticket!

MIX registrations are open for those who want to go old-school and actually pay for your ticket to Microsoft’s Next Web party showcase in Las Vegas in March. (Note, early-bird ends Jan 15.) Or, you could have a tilt at winnin’ your way to Vegas (baby). Check out the Restyle competition for a chance to…


Videos from MIX UK are up

Videos from the UX MIX conference are up, including heaps of stuff on Silverlight and Expression, as well as general user experience design stuff. You’ll find them here: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/mix07/agenda.aspx


Why I’m am interaction designer

At MIX the guys from Screenedit asked me what I like about interaction design. I think I need to work on my short answers! Shane Morris Interview Uploaded! I blame the caffeinated American drinks. Technorati Tags: MIX, Interaction design


ReMIX brings the best of MIX downunder

So I’ve just returned from MIX and CHI. My tutes seemed to go well at CHI, and MIX was great fun. There were a bunch of Aussies there among the 2,100 developers and designers in Venice Las Vegas learning about the latest MS stuff, as well as hearing industry luminaries like Clement Mok (I shook…


MIXing it up in Vegas

Registrations are well-and-truly open for MIX. MIX 07 is Microsoft’s second conference for all things web and design, and is returning to Vegas, baby. I’ll be there, as will Scott and Michael. Get in touch if you’re thinking about coming along so we can form an Aussie possie.