Top 100 User-Centred Blogs, including… Me!

Some guys at have produced a list of their “Top 100 User-centered Blogs”, and I seemed to have just scraped in. Also on the list are: My old colleague from Hiser, now at Frog Design, Gabriel White, and My new colleague from Microsoft, User Experience Evangelist (of the year, no less!), Chris Bernard. Aussie…


Discussion group: Design-led Innovation – Nov 22nd, Melbourne

I am leading a discussion around my “Design-led Innovation” talk for a Melbourne UX Community of Practice on 22nd of November from 6pm. Venue: Boral676 Lorimer St, Port Melbourne(map attached) All welcome Design–led Innovation Just when we think we can’t deliver interactive products and services any faster, a new technology wave comes along that enables…


Who needs designers?

“And you pay your designers how much?!?”   Thanks to Clemens Lutsch for bringing this to our attention.


Emotional Design, not just Usable Design

At a presentation at ComputerShare last week I spoke about the various “flavours” of user experience, and the fact that usability alone does not guarantee a great user experience. We talked about how it is easier to ‘engineer’ usability – there are processes, guidelines and techniques for maximising, usability – but it is not so…


The problem with UI specs

I met Rene de Paula, fellow UXE from Brazil, our “UX Summit” in Madrid(!) last week. In the break after my “Wireframing with Blend” session, Rene took me out into the hallway and shot this short video. Still need to work on those short answers…


"Principles of Interaction Design" at OzCHI 2007, Adelaide 28th Nov 2007

I’ll be teaching “Principles of Interaction Design” at OzCHI again this year, this time in Adelaide. Also some interesting tutes on Cultural Probes by Gerry Gaffney and John Murphy, Forms Design by Caroline Jarrett and maybe someone from Hiser?


Aussie Expression Users: Reveal Yourselves!

We’ve set up a little mailing list/group for Aussie Expression users. The intention is not to replace all the Expression community resources out there (many of which are up on the group’s Links page), or to replace other developer-focused resources, including the OzSilverlight list, but really to help get Aussie Expression users – especially designers…


What’s Expression?

“What’s Expression?”, Ron Jacobs asks Shane Morris, who even manages to slip a gag in! This video was taken at TechEd on the Gold Coast. What’s Expression? Shane Morris, Microsoft User Experience Evangelist, and Ron Jacobs, host of ARCast.TV, carry on a lively chat about Expression. What’s Expression? Simply put, the technology is about providing…


No Ideas but in Things

Only just found this while researching for a completely different blog post. Love it. “No Ideas But In Things is a library of controls, animations, layouts, and displays that might be a source of inspiration for interaction designers. Dan Saffer is the curator.” It’s a collection of photos of user interfaces from the real…


User Feedback and the Halo Silverlight site

If you’ve got nothing nice to say… One of the problems with having joined Microsoft is that it’s harder to criticise. Anyone who has attended my courses (coming up at OzChi, by the way) knows how I rely on sympathetic critique to build interaction design skills. However, since joining Microsoft if is harder to criticise…