Surface SDK now available to all

If you’re dying to try your hands (get it?) at developing for Surface, then you’ll be please to know that The Surface SDK Workstation Edition is now available to all at Also, a bunch of information is appearing on MSDN, TechNet, Download Centre etc.

But, why paraphrase when I can copy and Paste?

Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition Now on Microsoft Download Centre!

At PDC this week, we announced the broad availability of the Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition. Now anyone interested in developing collaborative, engaging massive multi-touch, multi-user experiences for Surface can easily access the software at no cost through

The Surface hardware is needed to deploy an application, and many use the Surface Developer units to create and test their applications directly on the device. The SDK Workstation Edition lets you use a PC to develop and a PC based simulator to test applications using multiple mice and tag simulation tools.

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