OZCHI Next Week in Melbourne

OZCHI is Australia’s annual Human-Computer Interaction Conference, where academics and practitioners get together to share the latest research and thinking around all things HCI. I went to my first OZCHI back in 1993, and my second Melbourne OZCHI will be next week from 25-27 of November, with workshops and tutorials in the two days beforehand….

Surface SDK now available to all

If you’re dying to try your hands (get it?) at developing for Surface, then you’ll be please to know that The Surface SDK Workstation Edition is now available to all at surface.com. Also, a bunch of information is appearing on MSDN, TechNet, Download Centre etc. But, why paraphrase when I can copy and Paste? Microsoft…

What does Microsoft have to offer Digital Agencies? Microsoft Innovation Days

In December DPE (where I work at Microsoft) and the Partner Team are getting together to run a series of “Innovation Days” in five Australian cities. Innovation Days are a rapid tour of some of the latest goodies from Microsoft, with a focus on how they can benefit your business. We’ve divided the day into…