My slides from AIMIA Customer Experience Session

Here are my slides from my talk at the AIMIA Customer Experience and Usability seminar in Sydney yesterday.

Thanks for all the positive feedback, I had a great time and I think we covered some important topics. Steve Baty from Meld did a great job moderating. Thanks to James Breeze from Objective Digital for organising and presenting. And thanks in particular to Tania Lang from Peak Usability and Vijay Balachandran from Fairfax Digital, because we can never have enough case studies.

You can check out James’ presentation here:

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Comments (1)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    No video.. this looked like a damn good preso.

    I miss seeing the Shanemo in full presentation flight… your insights are often brilliant.

    Scott Barnes

    Rich Platforms Product Manager


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