A Website Named Desire

image Nishant Kothary launched this site today:  http://www.awebsitenameddesire.com/

The site lets you Deepzoom on a poster Nishant, Xplane and others have created which attempts to capture the organised chaos that is website design and development (well that's my take on it anyway).

I particularly like the body language between the Graphic Designer (blue), the Information Architect (black - is that Caronne?) and the Interaction Designer (green) :-).

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  1. Justin King says:

    Can’t view due to having RC0 installed on my machine 🙁

    installed version 2.0.30523.9

    requested version Silverlight 2 Beta 2 GDR 1 (2.0.30523.8)

  2. We’re updating it to work with RC0 this week, Justin. Also, there’s a big refresh coming in the next few weeks. The site up there right now is something a couple of threw together, and really doesn’t do justice to the poster and the visualization in general.

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