Teaching "Interaction Design Studio" and "Back to the Future: The Next Wave of UI Design" at UPA

I'm teaching two tutorials at UPA (Usability Professionals Association) In Baltimore in June.

Interaction Design Studio

Interaction Design Studio provides a dynamic, fun and most importantly safe environment for practicing user interface designers, interaction designers and information architects to explore and build their design intuition, hone their ability to generate design solutions and critique and defend their own work, and the work of others - away from the demands of clients, colleagues and production deadlines. There are no formal lectures, no formal content...just the chance to develop new and existing skills through fun, fast-paced design exercises, active dialogue and the sharing of ideas in a safe environment.

Warning, this tutorial contains crayons.

Back to the Future: The Next Wave of UI Design

We are currently transitioning from sites and wayfinding back to workflow, transaction 'rich' applications. To do this, today's UX designers need the full body of knowledge developed over the past 25 years, from design solutions to how we do it. Experienced interaction designers present the best of GUIs, games and web.

I'm teaching this tutorial with my old friend, Sarah Bloomer.

Get in touch if you're gonna be at UPA.

Comments (2)

  1. Scott Rippon says:

    They both sound really interesting.

    Any chance you’ll be running these at OZCHI this year?



  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Hey Scott, it’s an idea, not sure what impenetrable licensing arrangements I’ve entered into with Sarah. Could do Studio, but then could I do Principles as well…?


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