Aussie Web and UX highlights for Remix – have we missed any?

Do you have cool Web/UX stuff that should be shown off at Remix?

image At Remix last year we promised that in 2008 we would turn the stage over to you guys and highlight the great work Aussies are doing with all the new gear.

True to our word, we're planning to showcase some great Australian work at Remix, some of which you don't even know about yet :-).

We're also stacking the speaking spots with Aussies - Remix is a chance for us to build the profile of our local thought leaders too!

So, if you are in Australia and have been working on some cool web/UX stuff in:

  • ASP.NET extensions (AJAX, MVC etc)
  • Silverlight
  • WPF
  • Windows Live
  • Vista Media Center
  • Gadgets
  • Expression

Get in touch! Speaking spots are pretty much finalised, but we want to make sure as much cool Aussie work as possible gets some Remix lovin'.

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